Forms to automate your business

Jicoo automates everything from receiving inquiries and surveys to scheduling meetings to help you improve business and productivity

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Forms to automate your business

Create Form

You can easily create forms with a high degree of freedom by drag and drop.
Create Form

Routing Form

You can create a routing by combining full and partial matches of answers, etc.
Routing Form

Customize Design

Customization is possible to suit your brand, including list type, question-and-answer type, and theme colors.
Customize Design

Team Operations

The content accepted on the form can be shared and operated by the team.
Team Operations

Embedding in Websites

You can embed it in your website or your own services.
Embedding in Websites

Automated Counter Routing

You can customize post-response flows like page allocation or external URL display based on form answers.
Customize Distribution
Create distribution conditions by matching response content.
Destination Selection
Choose destinations like Jicoo's booking page or specific URLs.
Auto-Complete Bookings
Setting the booking page as the destination allows a stress-free and seamless reservation process, boosting conversion rates.
Customize Distribution

Booking page connected to the form

Show real-time calendar availability
Real-time availability is shown by connecting to multiple calendars such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, etc. Reminder notifications and other booking management features are also supported.
Shows availability in real time. Design and text can be customized.
You can customize the input form when accepting bookings.
Customize and automate the timing and text of reminder notifications. Support for cancellations from both hosts and guests.
You can embed it in your website or your own services.
Booking Calendar
Reminder / Cancellation
Embedding in Websites

Support for all types of scheduling

Automated scheduling
Smart automation from 1-on-1 to intergroup bookings. Once you have set up the members, travel time buffers, etc., Jicoo will automate everything else.
This is a booking reception where the host and guest are required to attend one-on-one or all hosts. This can be used for sales or scheduling meetings for multiple interviewees for interviews or hiring interviews.
Booking with any one host. Automatic schedule creation based on the host's availability and settings, as well as automatic member assignment.
This type of room can be booked for multiple guests in one frame (time slot). This type is used for seminars and events. It can also be used in conjunction with automatic assignment of a person in charge.
The schedule voting feature solves scheduling coordination among multiple people and multiple teams through a voting mechanism.
1-on-1 / Group
Round Robin
Seminar and Event
Meeting Polls

More convenient with integration

App integration makes Jicoo more convenient and efficient. You can start the integration as soon as you authenticate your account.
You can set up Zoom as the method for accepting bookings. When a booking is made, a Zoom meeting URL will be automatically issued and shared with the guests.
Google Meet
You can set up Google Meet as the method for accepting bookings. When a booking is made, a Zoom meeting URL will be automatically issued and shared with the guests.
Microsoft Teams
You can set up Microsoft Teams as the method for accepting bookings. When a booking is made, a Zoom meeting URL will be automatically issued and shared with the guests.
Notify bookings received, cancelled, or changed via Slack. Messages received from guests can also be received in Slack.
When a booking is created, a Notion page is automatically created. a link to Notion will be shown on the Jicoo appointment page, allowing Jicoo and Notion to work together.
Credit card payments for collections and services can be made at the time of booking. Revenue and customer trends can be analyzed using the Stripe dashboard.
Automatically reflect reservation form input information to Salesforce. Synchronize leads and create events.
Connects with HubSpot to automatically create leads based on the content of the booking. Create meetings along with them.
Google Calendar
Reflects appointments in Google Calendar to the appointment calendar and blocks them in real time. When an appointment is made, it will automatically create an appointment in Google Calendar.
Outlook / Office 365
Reflects Outlook appointments in the appointment calendar and blocks them in real time. When an appointment is made, it will automatically create an appointment in your Outlook calendar.
You can use Jicoo to consolidate the sending and receiving of emails to and from your guests. Jicoo also supports notifications of new arrivals and allows teams to collaborate on a single booking.
Send SMS reminders of appointments to guests at specific times.


Jicoo for confidence
The service is built to ensure safe and secure data connection and retention for both hosts and guests.
Advanced Security of Google Cloud Platform
Jicoo is building its services on the Google Cloud Platform, which employs the same secure infrastructure that Google is building for its own users.
OAuth authentication
Jicoo provides services through proper connections with Google Calendar and Outlook via OAuth authentication. Jicoo does not collect passwords or other information from these linked services.
Secure service connections and data access
When the connection to Zoom or other linked services is disconnected, the authentication will be automatically removed and Jicoo will not retain or retrieve any data from the linked services.

More confidence

Protected by SSL/SSL
All communications are encrypted using SSL/TLS. This protects the data being transmitted from being intercepted or tampered with, and allows you to use the service safely.
Encryption of stored data
Since the entire database is encrypted, the risk of reading or leaking data is minimized even in the event of unauthorized removal.
Periodic vulnerability testing
To prevent unauthorized access and information leakage, the system is regularly inspected for vulnerabilities.
Continuous monitoring of operating status
We constantly monitor the system operation status, external attacks, etc., and have a system in place to detect failures, etc., as soon as they occur.
Backup and failover
Backups are taken on a daily basis, and in the event of a failure, the system automatically fails over to ensure maximum availability.

Use Case

Use Cases
It connects and streamlines the scheduling of personal, internal, and external meetings, such as 1-on-1s, evaluations, and regular meetings, with your regular calendar.
By automating the process of coordinating appointments with clients, you can speed up your approach. It also increases sales credibility by eliminating human error and lost opportunities.
By streamlining the scheduling of interviews between attendees and candidates, you can shorten the lead time to a hiring decision. It also reduces the amount of email and other text communication, allowing you to spend more time identifying the right candidate.
The system can be used to schedule online classes, personal meetings, seminars, and other events, as well as to automatically assign teachers and students.
Customer Success
Customer Success
You can also use it to schedule a follow-up or support appointment after your inquiry. You can also use it to schedule follow-up or support appointments after your inquiry.
The scheduling of client interviews, mentoring, and other consulting services with Zoom's automatic URL issuance, eliminating hassle and errors.

Get started for free, then add your whole team.
Almost everything can be automated.
Once set up, everything can be automated, from booking to submitting assignments, generating zoom links, reminding, and linking to the calendar, so that seminars and consultations can be held without any action until the day of the event. It's like a dream.
Streamlining schedule management
Using Jicoo has helped me a lot because I used to spend half a day to manage my schedule. Until now, I have been using e-mail + calendar applications to manage my schedule. It has been very useful to be able to coordinate schedules with a large group of people very easily.
Superior functionality
Good tool for starting small Easy to adopt when starting with a small number of people, and has enough functionality and flexibility to scale.