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To adjust the schedule, simply send the URL. The adjusted schedule will be automatically registered in the linked calendar.

Schedule Adjustment

Schedule Adjustment Process

  • 1.Publish URL for scheduling

    1.Publish URL for scheduling

    After you create an account on Jicoo, you'll create an appointment type and you'll also receive a URL to adjust your schedule and you'll be ready to go.
  • 2.Send the URL

    2.Send the URL

    Send a URL to the person you want to schedule in your regular email or chat tool.
  • 3.After you finish adjusting your schedule, the appointments are automatically added to your calendar.

    3.After you finish adjusting your schedule, the appointments are automatically added to your calendar.

    When the person you want to coordinate with selects a convenient date, the appointment will be automatically added to your calendar.

Jicoo can be used in a variety of business situations

  • Automate meeting scheduling

    All you have to do is send us a URL and we'll take care of the scheduling. Smooth scheduling reduces unnecessary time in your business.
  • Hiring scheduling

    You can easily coordinate multiple dates, such as hiring. There is no need to check the availability of time and send the time to the other party. It is not necessary to check availability and send the time to the other party.
  • Reliable sales staff by setting free time before and after

    You can adjust your schedule to take travel time into account. Let Jicoo take care of the time considerations and coordinate your schedule efficiently.
  • Inquiries and reservations such as customer success

    You can also use this service to follow up after an inquiry or to book a customer support appointment.

Reason for using JicooMerit

Using Jicoo has a variety of benefits for individuals, teams, managers and executives.

  • ForTeam

    • Schedule with multiple people

      You can accept appointments based on AND / OR conditions for combinations of members, or automate round-robin assignments.

    • Link multiple calendars.

      Supports Google Calendar and Microsoft Office365. Aggregates appointments from multiple calendars and displays their availability.

    • Customizing Notifications

      The content and timing of Slack and email notifications can be customized to suit the schedule and person you are coordinating with.

    • Access Control

      View and edit permissions can be changed according to the member's role in the team.

  • ForBrand

    • Logo, cover image

      You can customize the booking page with your own logo and original cover image. This can be used to promote your brand in sales, recruitment, etc.

    • Multiple page type

      You can choose between a simple month-based design or a week-based design for e-commerce, depending on your needs.

  • ForWorkflow

    • Meeting URL creation

      If you set up a connection with Zoom or Google Meet, the URL of the meeting will be automatically issued and both the host and the guest of the scheduled meeting will be notified.

    • Automatic extraction of web conferences

      Automatically extracts the URL of the web conference from the linked calendar and displays it. You can join a web conference right from the home screen.

    • Routine and Forms

      The routine and form function automates the input of routine information, such as the review of members at a regular meeting. This can greatly reduce the time and effort required to host reminders, etc.

    • Integrations

      You can automatically send Slack notifications to designated channels for schedule adjustments and cancellations, analyze access to reservation pages using Google Analytics, and more.

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