Good work, anytime, anywhere.

Scheduling, calendar sharing, task management and web conferencing. It's just one app.

All the functions you need in one workspaceAll in one

  • Scheduler

  • Calendar

  • Task

  • Note

  • Web conferencing

  • Routine

  • Timeline

  • To adjust the schedule, simply send the URL. The adjusted schedule will be automatically registered in the linked calendar.

    Schedule Adjustment

Reason for using JicooMerit

Using Jicoo has a variety of benefits for individuals, teams, managers and executives.

  • ForPersonal

    • Increased productivity

      Streamline your work with connected calendars and tasks

    • No more wasted time.

      Automate schedule adjustment by linking multiple calendars.

    • Automate routine
      and routine tasks.

      Automate reminders with the routine function for entering what to do today and daily review reports.

  • ForTeam

    • Automate routine work

      Daily standup, weekly sync agendas and minutes meeting notes are automatically created and reminded. Automating routine work

    • Meeting Efficiency

      Quickly and efficiently conduct meetings where you can immediately see the points mentioned in the agenda. You don't have to worry about choosing the right tool for web conferencing.

    • Revitalize communication

      It also supports Kudos for members. Good work is visualized to create a positive cycle for the team.

    • Promote collaboration

      Sharing and stocking ideas can be done naturally with routines.

  • ForManager

    • Best practice

      The best framework for remote first team building is available. Best practices for remote work collaboration can be immediately applied to your organization.

    • Visualize the process and evaluation.

      Information gaps between remote work, office work, and their hybrids are supplemented by timelines and reports. Processes and evaluations can be visualized at all times.

Function ListFunction

A variety of functions are available to help you work smoothly even when working remotely.

Product UpdatesUpdate

User's voicesVoice

  • I use Jicoo to collaborate remotely with my colleagues.

    Spacemarket, Inc.
    Business Development Department
    Yusuke Masudo

  • This is a necessary feature for remote work and has reduced man-hours. I look forward to additional features in the future.

    Yodoyabashi-Yamagami Godo Tokyo Office
    Yohei Ishihara

  • I highly recommend the Meeting Notes feature, which allows simultaneous web conferencing and real-time editing!

    Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.
    Hironori Onoue


  • Spacemarket
  • Ecrowd
  • Anywhere

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