New updates and improvements to Jicoo.
Sun, May 26, 2024
Released a function to link existing sheets in Google Spreadsheets.
Existing sheets can now be selected in Google Spreadsheet integration. Existing sheets can be selected when the permission of the spreadsheet is edit permission or higher. Once selected, you can write...
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Tue, May 21, 2024
Release of a feature that allows multiple designs for the booking page.
You can now specify multiple calendar designs for the booking page. Guests will be able to choose the design they prefer, making booking easier. The feature is activated by selecting the desired desig...
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Thu, May 16, 2024
Added the ability to insert text into the booking form
Text can now be inserted in the form content settings screen of the Edit Booking Page. This can be used for detailed explanations of items such as agreement to terms of use.
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Mon, May 6, 2024
Released an intermediary function for scheduling
This time, we have started to provide a function to mediate in meeting voting. This feature allows for the smooth scheduling of interviews and other meetings by bookings between guests who do not have...
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Tue, Mar 26, 2024
REST API released
Jicoo now offers a REST API that dramatically reduces the cost of development for booking functions, allowing for a wide range of uses, such as connecting to in-house systems and providing reservation...
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Wed, Mar 20, 2024
Release of personalized email notifications to guests
Subject and body of email notifications to guests can now be flexibly customized! You can notify your guests of necessary information in the form of a combination of variables in the subject line and ...
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Wed, Jan 10, 2024
Add same-day options to the acceptance grace period
A "starting point" has been added to the grace period settings on the booking page, allowing for more flexible restrictions on bookings. The ability to set the starting point of the grace p...
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Wed, Jan 10, 2024
New calendar design on the booking page
The calendar-style design of the reservation page has been revised to make it easier for users to view and make reservations. The previous calendar design can still be used by current users. This impr...
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