Notion integration now supports web forms (routing forms)

Notion integration now supports web forms (routing forms)

Mon, Oct 30, 2023

Now that Jicoo supports API integration with the Notion collaboration tool, responses to Jicoo web forms can be directly and automatically registered in the Notion database. This feature enables seamless and automatic linkage from form creation to response management with no code.

In keeping with Notion's unique characteristics as a workspace for teams and projects, the management of responses to various forms, including new leads and surveys, can be centralized in Notion.

As long as you have a Notion account, you can use it with your team on all plans, including the Free plan.

About Notion integration.

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It is now possible to have Notion automatically register the contents of responses received via Jicoo's web forms.

In the past, manual registration was required to manage form content in Notion. This feature reduces the time and effort required to enter responses obtained from forms, allowing for more efficient management.

Synchronizing responses to the database

Responses received via forms are registered in Notion's database. Since Notion properties can be configured for each form item, Jicoo can automate the management of various question items such as name, email address, etc.

You can select the database to be linked to for each form.

You can select any Notion database to synchronize with Jicoo. You can select the database to be linked from the workspace for new inquiries, surveys, and other applications.

Forms to automate your business

Jicoo automates everything from accepting inquiries and surveys to scheduling meetings, helping you improve your business and productivity. The content accepted in a form can be shared and managed by your team.

In form creation, you can easily create highly flexible forms by drag and drop. You can customize the design to suit your brand, including list type, question-and-answer type, and theme colors. Forms can also be embedded in websites, homepages, and company services.

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About Jicoo

Introducing a schedule adjustment tool has many advantages for improving business efficiency. If you are having trouble choosing which schedule adjustment tool is best for you, we recommend that you start with a schedule adjustment tool that you can start using for free and that is fully equipped with features such as service integration and design customization as needed.

What is Jicoo, a free scheduling tool for teams?

Jicoo is a scheduling tool for teams that integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook, and other calendars. It automates meeting scheduling, generates web meeting URLs, and manages bookings, cancellations, and reminders, enhancing efficiency for both personal and corporate meetings.
Create booking page
Create booking page
Create a booking page with only simple settings such as available booking times and services offered.
Share URL
Share URL
Share the URL of the booking page you created via email or chat tool and ask people to book a date and time.
Booking Completed
Booking Completed
The guest selects a convenient date and time, and the booking is complete. The appointment will be automatically added to your calendar.
Inquiries for enterprise

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