Meetings change. Teams change.

Meetings change. Teams change.

Start coordinating schedules and centralizing meeting DX and information today!

Main Functions

  • Schedule


    Schedule coordination is incredibly easy.
  • Document


    From the preparation stage of the meeting to taking and sharing minutes

    Mid-2020 Provision of predetermined

  • Management


    Quantify productivity and other data to make meetings more visible

    Mid-2020 Provision of predetermined

  • Workflow


    Centralized management with Jicoo through app integration

Other features

  • Company-specific branding is available

    Company-specific branding is available

    You can use it to brand your company with your company logo and cover image. (Some paid plans)

  • Slack Friendly

    Slack Friendly

    When you integrate with Slack, you can receive notifications in the channel you specify, making communication smooth.

  • Various settings

    Various settings

    Pre- and post-meeting reserve time and restrictions on public access to meetings.

  • Time zone, internationalization

    Time zone, internationalization

    Time zone-aware display is supported. Also, multiple languages are supported. It is possible to adjust the schedule with foreign countries.

  • Improved productivity through teamwork

    Improved productivity through teamwork

    Inviting members to join you can eliminate the tedious process of scheduling internal meetings and events and improve productivity.

Prepare for the meeting.


Automatic schedule adjustment with calendar integration

Proposed dates are automatically extracted from your calendar. All you have to do is ask the person you are meeting to select the date and your schedule will be adjusted.


  • google_calendar
  • office_365

Schedule Adjustment Process

  • 1.Publish URL for scheduling

    1.Publish URL for scheduling

    After you create an account on Jicoo, you'll create an appointment type and you'll also receive a URL to adjust your schedule and you'll be ready to go.
  • 2.Send the URL

    2.Send the URL

    Send a URL to the person you want to schedule in your regular email or chat tool.
  • 3.After you finish adjusting your schedule, the appointments are automatically added to your calendar.

    3.After you finish adjusting your schedule, the appointments are automatically added to your calendar.

    When the person you want to coordinate with selects a convenient date, the appointment will be automatically added to your calendar.

A wealth of features for a smooth UX

  • Change Logo

    You can change your logo to that of your company or service, so you can build a consistent brand.
  • Customize Message

    Customize your company's canned messages, reminders, follow-ups, etc. at the start of a schedule adjustment to suit your company.
  • Slack Friendly

    (Coming soon) Connect with Slack to be notified of the progress of schedule adjustments as they happen so you don't miss out.
  • Google Analytics Integration

    By integrating with GoogleAnalytics, you can analyze the data on the schedule coordination page.

Schedule is streamlined and can be used in a variety of business situations

  • Automate meeting scheduling

    All you have to do is send us a URL and we'll take care of the scheduling. Smooth scheduling reduces unnecessary time in your business.
  • Hiring scheduling

    You can easily coordinate multiple dates, such as hiring. There is no need to check the availability of time and send the time to the other party. It is not necessary to check availability and send the time to the other party.
  • Reliable sales staff by setting free time before and after

    You can adjust your schedule to take travel time into account. Let Jicoo take care of the time considerations and coordinate your schedule efficiently.
  • Inquiries and reservations such as customer success

    You can also use this service to follow up after an inquiry or to book a customer support appointment.

When the meeting starts.


Coming soon

Create and manage materials for meetings.

Plan to provide convenient functions such as centralized management of documents used in meetings.

Meeting Reflection.

Meeting Management

Coming soon

Visualize meeting productivity and manage your meetings

By repeating improvements based on the data from the meetings you've held, you can improve the quality of your meetings.

Efficiency through collaboration


Centralized management of information and smooth integration with peripheral applications

Seamlessly integrates with Google, Microsoft, Slack, Zoom and other business tools. Share information
  • Business Calendar

    • google_calendar
    • office_365
    It works with the calendar app to automatically extract, optimize, and invite attendees to free appointments when adjusting schedules.
  • Video Call

    • zoom
    • google_meet
    Automatically publish the URL of the video call as soon as you create an appointment and notify your attendees as well. It eliminates the need for tedious sharing messages. Also, share with security in mind.
  • Communication

    • slack
    Notify the linked communication tools of the creation, modification, or cancellation of appointments.
  • Others

    • google_analytics
    Smooth business operations can be expected by linking with access analysis, payment services and other services.

Meeting changes. Teams change.

Schedule meetings, set up Zoom meetings, take and share minutes. What used to be a complicated business can be completed here.
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