Routing Form

The answers to the form can direct guests to the appropriate booking calendar.

Routing Form
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Target Audience

  • Anyone who wants to guide guests to the most appropriate booking page for their needs.

What is this feature?

Easy drag-and-drop creation of web forms

You can easily create a web form for guests to answer questions by drag & drop. You can freely customize the type and placement of text boxes, radio buttons, check boxes, etc.

Customize routing based on form content

You can specify the screen to which respondents are routed according to the content of their answers. In addition to exact match, partial match is also supported, and routing can be created by combining multiple conditions.

Sophisticated design & UI/UX such as list format and one-question-and-one-answer format with no code

In addition to the standard list format design, the form can be changed to a question-and-answer format, in which only one question is shown on a single screen and the user proceeds to answer one question after another. You can also change the visual to a boxed format with the form items highlighted.

Share form responses with your team. Collaboration can begin immediately, such as jointly replying to emails.

You can add members so that multiple people are notified when a response is received so that they can respond quickly. You can also set permissions to allow or deny editing.

Support for embedding in websites and blog tools

Just add a few lines of code to your existing website or tool to embed a routing form. You can quickly set up a contact form, a support booking form, etc.

How to use

Select "Forms" in the header of the dashboard. Create a new form from the "Create Form" button and start operating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Related Features

Export CSV
Export CSV

You can export the list of form answers entered on the booking page in CSV.