Received the Good Design Award 2023

Received the Good Design Award 2023

Fri, Oct 6, 2023

Jicoo, a platform that enables integrated management of routine coordination tasks such as sales and recruiting through settings that automate complex schedule coordination, has received the Good Design Award for 2023 (sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion)!

Jicoo was highly evaluated for its design efforts to harmonize with schedule management while pursuing ease of use and functionality. We will use this award as an opportunity to expand sales of Jicoo, actively promote the use of design in scheduling and appointment management, and enhance our brand image.

Jicoo, an AI scheduling tool for teams, wins the Good Design Award 2023.

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Jicoo enables efficient and lean coordination without the need for various services and devices to perform the traditionally cumbersome coordination tasks.

In addition, Jicoo AI, which enables coordination in the form of chat dialogue, has been developed and is now available as a service. The latest update, the AI assistant function, is the first example in Japan of a service offering that uses LLM (Large Language Model) AI to streamline bookings and schedule adjustments.

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Jicoo AI solves the host's scheduling challenges, analyzing the integrated calendar appointments and suggesting schedules in response to scheduling inquiries via chat.

In addition to traditional scheduling via appointment pages, Jicoo AI can be used to optimize scheduling and improve productivity.

Judges' Evaluation Points

Jicoo's interface design is familiar and simple, providing users with orderliness, freedom, and ease of use, and successfully communicates its design positioning as a time management tool. The layout design of the Zicoo interface is impactful. The division of modules and design proportions in each functional area are appropriate, and the flow of the eye within a single functional block is guided naturally and comfortably by layout design elements such as line spacing, intervals, and fonts. For example, when multiple schedules are set up in one day, the design should be obvious at a glance with subtle differences while forming a whole with different schedules. Zicoo combines the functionality of a large-scale language model with chat-style interaction design to make scheduling easier and simpler.

What is the Good Design Award?

The Good Design Award is an activity to evaluate and promote Japan's representative designs, succeeding the Good Design Product Selection System established in 1957. As a global design award with the participation of many domestic and international companies and organizations, the Good Design Awards are held annually with the aim of improving the quality of life and utilizing design to solve social issues and themes. The "G Mark," the symbol of the award, is widely known as a symbol of excellent design.


About Jicoo

Introducing a schedule adjustment tool has many advantages for improving business efficiency. If you are having trouble choosing which schedule adjustment tool is best for you, we recommend that you start with a schedule adjustment tool that you can start using for free and that is fully equipped with features such as service integration and design customization as needed.

Jicoois free and can be used immediately by connecting multiple calendars such as Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, etc. It also covers the integration of popular services such as Zoom, Teams, Slack and Salesforce. You can also choose from several different layouts for the appointment page, making it a fun tool to use.

Click here to visit Jicoo's website.You can use this form to inquire about introducing the system to your corporation or team.

The examples of use of schedule adjustment tools are here.Let's introduce a schedule adjustment tool that fits your needs by referring to the examples of use of schedule adjustment tools.

What is Jicoo, a free schedule adjustment automation tool for teams?

Jicoo is a scheduling tool that streamlines and automates meetings for individuals and corporations, from scheduling and issuing web conference URLs to managing bookings such as cancellations and reminders.
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Jicoo AI

Jicoo AI provides interactive support for scheduling efficiency. Your personal secretary will support your time management. AI can help you streamline your time by having conversations with AI about your schedule, such as optimizing your calendar, coordinating dates with team members, and summarizing daily appointments.