Update Notion integration feature

Update Notion integration feature

Mon, Jun 19, 2023

Updated Notion integration functionality.

Existing Notion databases can be selected

In addition to databases created within Jicoo, you can now select Notion databases that are currently in operation.

*If you do not see your database in the list, please re-integrate it.

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Arbitrary selection of items that can be linked is possible.

You can now select which items related to Jicoo bookings will be reflected in which items in the database.

It is possible to smoothly link Jicoo bookings without changing the format of the existing database.

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Arbitrary booking titles can be set for linkage.

It is now possible to arbitrarily set a title to be reflected in the Notion database when linking.

Using template variables, it is possible to set a different string for each booking.

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For other help on Notion collaboration, please also refer to the following help pages. https://help.jicoo.com/ja/articles/7155270

We will continue to update the functionality in the future. Thank you for your continued support of Jicoo.

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Create booking page
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Booking Completed
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