Launched the REST API that serves as the infrastructure for development of the booking system

Launched the REST API that serves as the infrastructure for development of the booking system

Mon, Mar 25, 2024

Jicoo now offers a REST API that dramatically reduces the cost of development for booking functions, allowing for a wide range of uses, such as connecting to in-house systems and providing reservation services for external parties.

By providing Jicoo's functions via API, users can immediately use the proven and abundant functions simply by registering them on the site, and can utilize them in various business scenes such as in-house systems for internal DX and new business services for external use with extremely low development man-hours. This will be available in various business scenes such as in-house systems for internal DX and new business services for external use with very little development effort.

The REST API makes it easy to incorporate Jicoo's extensive booking functionality into external systems. In addition to seamlessly invoking the booking functionality, it is also possible to receive booking information and reflect it in CRM and databases.

As long as you have a Jicoo account, you can use it with your team for all plans, including the Free plan.

Background of API Provision

Traditionally, booking systems have not had a development platform like Stripe for payment systems, so countless booking systems have been provided with their own implementation and development. In the recent Corona disaster, countless booking systems were developed to handle vaccinations, and news of their malfunctions has been circulating in Japan.

One reason for this is that building a reliable system for booking requires know-how and complex development. In addition to the initial development, costs related to operation and maintenance are also incurred, making it difficult to develop a system that meets the company's needs in the first place.


Jicoo's extensive booking functionality can be easily integrated into external systems. Not only can you seamlessly invoke the booking functionality, but you can also receive booking information and reflect it in your CRM or database.

As long as you have a Jicoo account, you can use it with your team for all plans, including the Free plan.

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  • Easy to use for everyone: Anyone can use Jicoo with a simple registration process on the site.
  • Powerful booking functionality: Automates tedious booking tasks, from shortlisting to registering appointments, with real-time integration with Google Calendar and Outlook calendar.
  • Extremely low development effort: Flexible API interface design for low-code development
  • Seamless integration: Can be seamlessly integrated as a function on external systems. Booking information can also be linked to CRMs and databases.
  • Full support: We provide easy-to-develop documentation and references (Developer Center), as well as implementation support (some for a fee) to accompany you for customer success.

Flexible customization and integration with other development platforms to meet individual company requirements

By combining REST API with embedding, webhooks, account integration, etc., it is possible to embed Jicoo's booking screen to show to users and automate aggregation and analysis using REST API.

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  • Embedding: You can freely embed the booking page or form into an embedded website or blog. The design and colors can be customized.
  • Webhook: Webhooks can be used to integrate with external applications. Customized actions can be implemented when a booking is made.
  • Account integration: Jicoo's booking page can be integrated with account information from your company's services, etc., and the account information can be automatically set in the booking form. The unique encryption ensures secure linkage and conversion without compromising the customer's UX.

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Jicoo centralizes the process of checking calendars, adjusting candidate dates, and communicating with clients, and Jicoo automates the assignment of staff when appointments are confirmed. Jicoo is a unique and powerful tool for sales and marketing.


By confirming the interview date and time while the candidate is still in the process of warming up to the position, you can conduct recruitment activities with a sense of speed. By utilizing the REST API, interview information can be synchronized with the recruitment management system, allowing for centralized management of receipt, management, and communication.

Member Services

The REST API allows you to build a booking system for external services with minimal man-hours. This allows you to provide a high quality booking experience as your own service. Jicoo will take care of the operation and maintenance of the booking functionality.

How to use

The REST API is available to anyone who simply registers.

About Jicoo

Introducing a schedule adjustment tool has many advantages for improving business efficiency. If you are having trouble choosing which schedule adjustment tool is best for you, we recommend that you start with a schedule adjustment tool that you can start using for free and that is fully equipped with features such as service integration and design customization as needed.

Jicoois free and can be used immediately by connecting multiple calendars such as Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, etc. It also covers the integration of popular services such as Zoom, Teams, Slack and Salesforce. You can also choose from several different layouts for the appointment page, making it a fun tool to use.

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The examples of use of schedule adjustment tools are here.Let's introduce a schedule adjustment tool that fits your needs by referring to the examples of use of schedule adjustment tools.

What is Jicoo, a free schedule adjustment automation tool for teams?

Jicoo is a scheduling tool that streamlines and automates meetings for individuals and corporations, from scheduling and issuing web conference URLs to managing bookings such as cancellations and reminders.
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