Export CSV

You can export the list of form answers entered on the booking page in CSV.

Export CSV
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  • Target Audience
  • What is this feature?
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Target Audience

  • Available to Pro plan users.

What is this feature?

Download booking list in CSV format

A list of all bookings can be downloaded in CSV format. Detailed data such as unique ID, date and time of receipt, and start time of each booking can be obtained. You can use this data in combination with your own data for data analysis and aggregation.

Collect all booking form contents at once

The contents of customized forms entered by guests at the time of reception can also be exported together.

How to use

In the list of event types on the home, select "CSV Export" from the menu of the "Share" button for the event type you wish to export.

Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 19.09.36

Related Features

Customize Contact Form
Customize Contact Form

In addition to contact information, optional input items can be added to the booking, and the form entry format can be customized.