Team User Permissions

Manage members, admins, owners, and permissions, including editing reservation pages and adding members, to keep your team secure.

Team User Permissions
Table of Contents
  • Target Audience
  • What is this feature?
  • How to use
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Target Audience

  • Those who wants to set up ACL for team members.
  • Available for StartUp plan users.

What is this feature?

Team Operation Support

Administrators can grant permissions to add and delete team members for each member.

Control to edit booking page

Allows the administrator to control the editing privileges for booking pages and availability settings.

Secure operation with a mix of internal and external members

ACLs can be set up to flexibly accommodate situations such as when you want to invite members from outside the company to manage reservations. Hybrid teams consisting of both internal and external members can be operated under remote work environment.

How to use

ACLs can be configured in the "User Management" tab of the "Team Settings" menu.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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