Analyzes data from connected calendars and displays a chart of time usage

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Table of Contents
  • Target Users
  • About Features
  • Usage
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Target Users

  • Those who want to improve productivity in meetings.
  • Anyone and teams who want to manage their time
  • Available for Free plan users.

About Features

Time Management Made Easy

Analyze Jicoo bookings and connected calendar appointments, and view a chart of weekly hours. You can easily start time management for individuals or team members. You can rest assured that the contents of your external calendar data will not be stored in Jicoo with this feature.

View Time Spent on Meetings per Week

The time spent on meetings, focused work, fragmented work due to intervening appointments, and free time can be categorized into four categories and displayed in a chart. You can compare and review your time usage on a weekly basis.

Visualization of efficiency in Jicoo

Data from Jicoo's booking process is also displayed. You can visualize efficient scheduling.


You can view the data in the " Stats" tab of each member on the "Home" screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

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