Specified number of seats

You can create a booking page that allows hosts to host multiple guests at once, such as seminars or classes.

Specified number of seats
Table of Contents
  • Target Audience
  • What is this feature?
  • How to use
  • Related Features

Target Audience

  • Bookings that show the number of guests that can be in a single time slot.
    • Recommended for seminar and school format.
  • Available for Pro plan users.

What is this feature?

Show availability (remaining seats) on booking page

It is possible to show how many people are booking at what time of day.

Manage your bookings

Hosts can see a list of bookings and cancellations in their booking details page, where they can track and manage the situation.

Bulk and individual messages can be sent

You can use the message feature on the booking details screen to send a batch or individual message to the person who made the booking.

Automatically list available times

By connecting to your regular calendar service, available times are automatically listed and a booking page is created.

No double booking

Appointment data is retrieved in real time, so there are no double bookings.

Creation of appointments to the calendar and web conferencing is also automated.

Once assigned, an appointment is automatically created in the linked calendar, and if the location is a web conference, the URL is also automatically created and shared with the guest.

Slack Integration

If you add Slack integration and set a public channel as the sharing destination, you can also share the contents of assignments with your team.

How to use

Edit Event Type > Scheduling > In Team Scheduling Tab > Capacity Set the “Capacity" to 2 or more.


Related Features

Round Robin
Round Robin

Appointments can be sequentially assigned among multiple hosts. The system can automatically create appointments based on each host's available time and settings, as well as automatically assign members to appointments.

Team scheduling
Team scheduling

Multiple people can host an event, and guests can choose when all hosts are available or when someone else is available.