Notion Integration

It will be possible to have Notion automatically register the contents of bookings accepted by Jicoo.

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Notion Integration
Table of Contents
  • Target Audience
  • What is this feature?
  • Synchronize bookings with database
  • The database to be linked can be selected for each booking page.
  • How to use

Target Audience

  • Users who are already using Notion and wish to export their Jicoo booking information to Notion.

What is this feature?

This allows you to automatically register reservations accepted by Jicoo into Notion, reducing the time and effort required to enter guest information based on reservations made by Jicoo, thereby creating a more efficient document management flow.

Synchronize bookings with database

Bookings made on Jicoo will be registered in Notion's database. The appointment information, along with name and other information, is linked to the appointment details in Jicoo, so you can go back and forth between the two at any time.

The database to be linked can be selected for each booking page.

You can select any Notion database to be synchronized with Jicoo. You can select the database to be linked from the workspace according to the purpose of the booking page, such as by department or by client.

How to use

Select "Notion" from the service integration list page. Click the "Connect" button to activate the service.