Guest Calendar Connection

When guests connect the calendar service they are using to make bookings, they can reflect their own appointments on the booking calendar.

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Guest Calendar Connection
Table of Contents
  • Target Audience
  • What is this feature?
  • How to use
  • Related Integrations

Target Audience

  • Guests to schedule on booking page
  • Available from Free plan users.

What is this feature?

Automated scheduling for guests making bookings

By displaying the guest's regular calendar schedule together on the Jicoo booking calendar, you can eliminate the need to open different apps and pages and compare them to select the date and time of the appointment.

Simple registration for instant appointment scheduling

A simple registration flow for guests minimizes the burden of account registration. Guests can also set up their own calendars, such as which appointments to display if they have multiple calendars in use.

Benefits for both guests and hosts by improving the accuracy of coordination

By using the calendars that both parties normally use to coordinate dates, the accuracy of coordination is dramatically improved and communication is smoother. This system is beneficial to both the party making the arrangements and the party receiving the arrangements.

How to use

Connect guest's calendar

If your guests use Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook, they can connect to your calendar service from the Jicoo registration page. There is no need to verify email addresses, just log in to your service to complete the connection.

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Viewing appointments on the booking calendar

When registration is complete and you are connected to the calendar service, your appointment will appear as "scheduled" in the appointment calendar panel. If you have no problem avoiding or covering the appointment, you can select it and make a appointment.

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Related Integrations

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