Connect to Salesforce

Automatically reflect booking form information in Salesforce.Automatically sync leads and create events.

Connect to Salesforce
Table of Contents
  • Target Audience
  • What is this feature?
  • Integrate Jicoo bookings with Salesforce
  • Automatically link responses on the reception form to Salesforce
  • How to use

Target Audience

  • Users who wish to integrate information related to booking with Salesforce.
  • Requires a Salesforce Enterprise or higher subscription.

What is this feature?

Integrate Jicoo bookings with Salesforce

When you make a reservation on Jicoo's booking page, we will automatically link the booking information to your Salesforce information and create a record of your leads and actions (activities).

This linkage allows you to automatically reflect the information entered in Jicoo in Salesforce, regardless of the presence or absence of your clients' data.

Jicoo can automatically link optional questions to Salesforce, reducing the time and effort required to enter lead information and creating a more efficient sales flow.

  • Examples of additional question items   - Department name/position   - Phone number   - Preferred service, etc.

How to use

Select Salesforce integration from "Integrations" on the dashboard. Authenticate your account to start the integration.