Block by keyword

You can set the availability of specific keywords to show free time on the booking page.

Block by keyword
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Target Audience

  • Users who wish to set the conditions for displaying available times on the reservation page based on specific keywords in the Jicoo calendar or linked calendars.
  • Available for Pro plan users only

What is this feature?

Setting the presence or absence of specific keywords as a condition for displaying available time on the reservation page

When displaying candidate dates and times on the reservation page, the presence or absence of specific keywords can be set as a display condition in the linked calendar and Jicoo calendar.

Flexible settings such as not blocking low priority schedules

If you have a schedule that takes priority on the reservation page, such as a regular company meeting, you can configure not to block it. Multiple settings are possible, allowing for flexible settings such as blocking important meetings among regular meetings.

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How to use

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Frequently Asked Questions

Related Features


You can share the available time range as a template between booking pages.You can manage common business hours at once.

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