Automating the Booking Process in Recruitment! How to optimize the assignment of cases?

With the mission of "bringing more talented people into the housing industry," United Minds Japan, Inc. is growing as the only housing industry-specific recruiting firm in Japan. In an industry where there are said to be 30,000 to 40,000 companies, United Minds Japan, Inc. has developed a succession of housing manufacturers based on its strength as a recruiter specializing in the housing industry. The organization is steadily expanding. By introducing Jicoo in anticipation of future demand, the coordination work has now been reduced to almost zero.

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United Mind Japan, Inc.
United Mind Japan, Inc. Representative Director Mr. Kohei Miyazawa
United Mind Japan, Inc.
Housing industry support business, recruitment support business, diversity support business
Professional Service

Number of books per month

three times

Percentage increase in career advisors


Man-hours to book

Decided to introduce the system because it was beyond the limits of manual operation.

United Minds Japan, Inc. was experiencing difficulties with the time and effort required to book career advisors to meet with companies and candidates. Until then, the scheduling was done manually, with potential dates being posted to chatwork. The first Career Advisor to respond to the request would raise his/her hand. Therefore, the first person to respond is given priority. The first person to respond would win, which would inevitably result in a bias, making it impossible to distribute the jobs well. Since we were exceeding the limits of what we could do manually, we began to consider tools and decided that Jicoo would be able to make this happen.

Optimized resource allocation through automatic assignment of personnel

We take advantage of Jicoo's rich features, such as selecting the calendar design of the booking page according to the application and automatic assignment of assignees. By using Jicoo's automatic assignment of assignee priority, for example, we are able to optimize the allocation of resources between members who work 3 and 5 days per week. The allocation can be adjusted by changing the priority level by CSV or by viewing the booking status in a spreadsheet. We also ask our members to fill out a short questionnaire in the booking section. When a booking is accepted, the completion page is redirected to our own page so that the job posting can be viewed.

The system can handle business growth.

Kohei Miyazawa, Representative Director of Jicoo, Inc. The biggest benefit of using Jicoo is that we can use the system to handle our bookings even as our business grows. When we first started using Jicoo, we had 30 to 40 bookings, but now we have about 150 bookings per month. The number of back and forth correspondence has been greatly reduced. When we started specializing in the housing industry, we had four career advisors, but now we have tripled that number to 12, but the introduction of the tool has reduced the burden of coordination in anticipation of demand. We plan to continue using Jicoo to book for our expanding business.

Customer Interview

Can you tell us about your recruiting business specializing in the housing industry?

For the first seven years of our company's existence, we were mainly engaged in the foreign staffing business.

Three years ago, we were contacted by a housing manufacturer, and since then, we have been developing our business with a focus on the housing industry.

The market for recruitment is very large, but there are very few recruitment agencies that specialize in the housing industry like we do. Thanks to your support, we are currently experiencing a steady increase in business performance.

Could you tell us about the structure of your company?

We have about 30 people in total, of which 12 are career advisors.

We offer a performance-based referral system, so we are able to sign contracts with approximately 90% of the companies we are approached by.

The job of the Career Advisors is to match job seekers to the client company's needs.

When we specialized in the housing industry, we had 4 career advisors, but now we have tripled that number to 12.

You have steadily expanded your organization.

The job market has been on a steady rise, and thanks to your support, we have been able to ride the wave.

As the number of positions increased, we felt that the time and effort required for career advisors to book between companies and candidates was becoming an issue.

We were looking for a tool that would help us streamline our bookings, and that is when we came across Jicoo.

Could you tell us why you decided to implement Jicoo?

I thought the screen for coordinating bookings was stylish.

Also, we were able to try Jicoo for 14 days so we could check out all the features we needed.

We could have used other tools for just bookings, but the biggest difference was that Jicoo offered automatic assigning of a person to be in charge.

Can you tell us a little more about it?

Up until then, we had been doing the bookings manually, throwing potential dates into chatwork. After that, the career advisors who were able to respond to the requests raised their hands.

Naturally, the first person to respond would be given priority.

The first person to respond would win, so there was inevitably a bias, and we were not able to distribute the positions well.

By using Jicoo's automatic assignment of priorities, for example, we were able to optimize the allocation of resources between members who work three days a week and those who work five days a week.

So you are now able to allocate the availability of career advisors appropriately!

Until then, we had to make decisions based on our intuition; we would look at Google Calendar or talk to them and see how they were doing and make adjustments.

After implementing Jicoo, I can see the status of bookings in CSV format or on a spreadsheet and make adjustments by changing the priority level.

Since we can now visualize the whole picture and the system handles the situation, I think we have been able to optimize the operation of our career advisors compared to before.

Also, since we are an organization with many people who are flexible workers and not full time, I think we are now able to properly allocate the time to members with time constraints.

How many adjustments do you make per month?

When we first started using Jicoo, there were 30 to 40 cases, but now there are about 150 cases per month.

Thanks to Jicoo, we have been able to grow in line with industry trends.

Until then, we had to coordinate with each other via e-mail and the message function of human resource-related systems. I think we were able to greatly reduce the number of back-and-forth exchanges.

We implemented the tool in anticipation of demand, but if it had been a manual process, the burden of coordination would have increased.

What was the response from career advisors when Jicoo was first introduced?

Many said it was convenient because it reduced the amount of time and effort required.

In the real estate and housing industry, there is a lot of communication with people in their 50s and older, so there was a concern that they were unfamiliar with digital tools.

Therefore, we made sure to include the date and time when we sent the link, but only a few percent of the respondents responded by e-mail.

Your company is very proactive in adopting digital tools.

Since I have a background in an IT company, I am proactive in adopting anything that will help reduce man-hours.

We also use Chatwork, HRMOS, SmartHR, Google Forms, etc.

Recently, we are looking into the possibility of utilizing ChatGPT. Career advisors are multitasking, and we hope to reduce the overall workload by utilizing AI.

How are you using the time you have saved in coordination?

I think the biggest benefit of implementing Jicoo is that the system can handle book coordination even as our business grows.

We use the time we save to consider overall operational efficiency and structure.

We can also give mid- to long-term missions to our career advisors and office members, so we can use our time in a more future-oriented way.

We would like to have a simple questionnaire to be filled out in the booking section.

We also redirect the completion page to our own page so that the job postings can be viewed.

It would be nice to be able to choose a number of calendar patterns for the booking page.

As a request, it would be nice to have a logic to ensure more equality in the allocation of jobs to career advisors.

Please let us know who you would recommend the company to.

I would recommend this tool to recruitment firms, even though we are in the same industry lol.

I think growing companies can utilize Jicoo because it can be used to match with career advisors.

Other than that, I think it can be used in a wide range of industries such as one to multiple classrooms, coaching, etc.

I myself am indebted to Jicoo and it is one of my indispensable items.

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