Reduce man-hours spent on scheduling interviews to zero. Achieve Recruitment DX through automation of recruiting operations.

TheNewGate Inc. has a mission to "Design the world's common sense. In order to overcome the shortage of human resources in the IT industry in the future, the company operates "CyTech," an education platform for globally active human resources with a focus on training IT engineers. CyTech's greatest weapon is its scheme to improve students to a "working level" even if they have no experience in the industry. The company has steadily increased its business performance by releasing CyTech for corporate clients and expanding its offices to 10 locations nationwide, and its sales have grown over 300% year-on-year. TheNewGate, Inc. recently introduced Jicoo to book interviews, which used to be a manual process. As a result, the workload of the coordinators has been reduced to almost zero.

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TheNewGate Corporation  CM Division  Recruit Section Leader Ayumi Takahashi
TheNewGate Corporation
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Improvement of offer acceptance rate


Man-hours to coordinate appointments


Sales (YoY)

Booking interviews for an increasing number of positions as the company grows

The challenge for TheNewGate, Inc. was to book interviews for an increasing number of job seekers as the company grew at a rapid rate of 300% year-on-year. Manual scheduling by a full-time staff member was not enough to keep up with the increasing number of interviews, and the schedule could not be fixed until a month and a half in advance. Therefore, even if an applicant was interested in TheNewGate Inc. and applied for an interview, the interview could not be scheduled immediately, and the applicant often missed out on interviews with other competing companies. TheNewGate decided to use Jicoo to book interviews. Jicoo's ability to display available interview dates in real time on the booking page greatly reduced the time required for coordination and made scheduling a smoother and more efficient process.

Enables assignments that specify the priority of the interviewer

Functions such as automatic issuance of entrance URLs, reminder e-mails, and priority designation in automatic assignment of staff members match the company's recruitment flow. In addition to reminder e-mails, which the company had not been able to handle before, it is now possible to follow up with a phone call the day before the interview. The automatic assignment function specifies the priority of the main and sub responsibilities assigned at each step of the interview process. In addition, the survey form function is also being used for "surveys to understand the flow paths" that used to be conducted on a verbal basis. Ayumi Takahashi, Recruit Section Leader of the CM Division, said, "Jicoo has been a great help to us. The introduction of Jicoo has drastically reduced the number of human errors, such as incorrect URLs. The most valuable feature of Jicoo is the ability to specify the priority of interviewers, which enables us to assign them in accordance with our recruitment flow.

Grip with high temperatures of job seekers

TheNewGate Inc. has realized that the man-hours required for bookings have been reduced to almost zero by implementing Jicoo. Interviews that used to require a month and a half wait time, due to the person in charge of the appointed process, can now be conducted within a few days, a drastic reduction. The ability to schedule interviews immediately means that job seekers can be gripped with a high sense of urgency to join the company. The data collected by the survey form function can be used as data for PDCA cycles in recruitment marketing. The job seeker's interview book can be fixed at the touch of a button, which reduces man-hours on the part of the job seeker and increases the adjustment rate. The back-office side (back-office) can also make adjustments by simply sending a template, which speeds up the process. Both of these factors have improved the rate of job offer acceptances for each entry. (Mr. Takahashi) We plan to continue using Jicoo in order to scale the recruitment process in line with the high growth angle of our company.

Customer Interview

Please tell us about TheNewGate, Inc.

We are an outsourcing business that provides high quality human resources by training engineers from no experience using our proprietary learning platform, CyTech.

We have over 560 employees and 10 offices nationwide. By matching the needs of our clients, we receive a variety of business from them.

What is CyTech?

CyTech is an IT education platform developed to produce globally competitive human resources from Japan.

It allows students with no experience to enter the IT industry and learn the basics of programming to a practical level.

Students can also acquire language skills by using CyTech English. Students can acquire skills that can be used not only domestically but also internationally.

Could you tell us about your job description, Mr. Takahashi?

I am a member of the Corporate & Marketing (CM) Division, and I am mainly in charge of human resource interviewing for hiring.

Recently, I have also taken on the responsibility of marketing for cross-border e-commerce.

What exactly do you do?

After receiving applications through recruitment media, we go through the steps of document screening, second round interviews, and final interviews, and I am in charge of the offer interview, which is the final interview.

I am in charge of the offer interview, which is the final interview.

I conduct about 140 interviews per month, including 80 final interviews and 60 second round interviews.

I see that you conduct a large number of interviews. Did you introduce Jicoo to help you coordinate these interviews?

Thanks to our strong performance, the company is growing in size.

Naturally, the pace of hiring has also increased, and we wanted to streamline the book coordination for hiring interviews.

After comparing several tools, we decided to implement Jicoo because it matched the conditions we were looking for.

How did you coordinate before?

Until then, we had only one person in charge of book coordination.

The load was growing considerably as there was a month-long waiting list just to book with a job seeker.

In addition, due to human error, we sometimes had people who arrived at the wrong time at the wrong place at the wrong time.

As for the entry link, since we were using a fixed URL, sometimes the next person would be waiting in the middle of an interview.

This was a form of psychological anxiety, but also a security concern.

What were the key points of comparison of tools?

We compared four tools.

We compared four tools, including the one we had been using until then, but we found Jicoo to be a good match for our company, as it was complicated to set up and lacked some of the features we were looking for.

Specifically, we have a main person and a sub person in charge, so we found that we could assign the main person first by specifying the priority level through the automatic assignment function of the person in charge.

How have the results been after the introduction of the system?

I mentioned that we were booking interviews a month and a half in advance, but we were able to shorten the time frame significantly, and now we can set up interviews as quickly as a week in advance.

However, by shortening the time from application to interview, we are now able to get a grip on job seekers with a high sense of urgency.

In addition to reminder e-mails, we are now able to follow up with phone calls the day before, which I believe has improved participation rates.

Please tell us about the main and sub roles for each step of the interview process.

We have a target value for each step of the interview process, and we assign a responsible person to be accountable for that number.

I am responsible for the final interview, so if the numbers are not reached, we need to pursue the cause and make improvements.

In fact, I have seen a significant improvement in the acceptance rate after reviewing the interview process.

Are there any Jicoo features that have contributed to improving the quality of interviews?

The survey form function.

We can now set up the questionnaire items to be filled out at the time of booking so that we know in advance what information we need.

Specifically, it is an inflow route that measures "what websites and social networking sites were helpful to us at the time of entry. Previously, this was done verbally, so there was some variation in confirmation.

What features do you recommend for Jicoo?

It will be the priority designation of the automatic assignment function of the person in charge.

It matches our company's ability to set the main and sub assignments I mentioned earlier.

It is also possible to assign priority to those who raise their hands when improvements are needed to target values.

I appreciate the flexibility of setting while looking at the numbers.

Do you have any requests for improvements or functions?

Perhaps a function to tally the results of survey forms.

It would be useful to be able to check on the Jicoo administration screen to see the percentage of respondents by flow path, etc. Currently, it is not possible to do this via CSV or spreadsheet.

Currently, it is possible to aggregate the results via CSV or spreadsheet, but it would be great if you could make it even more convenient.

Who would you recommend Jicoo to?

Sales people who are constantly meeting with clients outside the company and human resources personnel who conduct interviews.

I think Jicoo is especially suited for HR personnel who interview IT personnel in the same industry.

PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle will be necessary for the recruitment plan, but Jicoo can take care of the coordination and the flexible setting of the adjustment to the measures.

I think Jicoo is an indispensable tool that allows us to achieve our goals in line with the company's growth angle.

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