Reduced bookings with candidates by 90%!

Ltd. operates Japan's largest hourly rental platform, Space Market. The backend team manager of the Technology Department realized a 90% reduction in the time and effort required to schedule recruitments by implementing Jicoo, and the Slack-connected notification function facilitated sharing within the team, making recruiting activities more efficient.

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Spacemarket Inc.
Space Market Inc. Engineering Manager, Backend Team, Technology Department  Mr. Ayasuke Nishio
Spacemarket Inc.
Operator of the space sharing platform "Space Market". With over 14,000 spaces currently listed on the site, it is the largest hourly rental platform service in Japan in terms of number of listings. The company offers a wide variety of spaces, including event spaces, meeting rooms, filming studios, movie theaters, and residences.

Burden related to book recruiting services

Mr. Nishio, Backend Team Manager of the Technology Department at Space Market, Inc. As recruiting activities became more and more active, the time and effort required for bookings increased, and the time and effort required for this task became a burden. In particular, with only email notifications, it was difficult to efficiently book the dates, as the team sometimes missed notifications of confirmed dates. This slowed down the speed and efficiency of the hiring process and impacted team productivity.

Jicoo streamlines book coordination

To address this challenge, Nishio decided to implement Jicoo, a scheduling tool that offers a wealth of features, including integration with Slack and Zoom and the ability to customize cover images, which was expected to greatly improve the scheduling process. In particular, the integration with Slack enabled the team to receive notifications of schedule confirmations directly within the team's communication tool, preventing information from being overlooked. These features were expected to not only improve the efficiency of bookings, but also facilitate the sharing of information within the team.

Reduce 90% of your recruiting book burden

With Jicoo, Nishio's team was able to reduce the burden of scheduling in the recruiting process by 90%, and the notifications through the Slack integration made it easy to share information within the team so that everyone could see the latest schedule information in real time. In addition, Jicoo has greatly improved the efficiency of the recruiting process, making it easier for the team to complete schedule adjustments by simply pasting a URL in the text of a scout's message, despite the fact that the team was making nearly 30 bookings per month. In this way, the introduction of Jicoo has greatly improved the speed and efficiency of the recruiting process and contributed to the productivity of the team.

Customer Interview

First, please tell us about your duties.

As a manager of the backend team in the technical division, I am responsible for assigning tasks for various measures, managing team members, and hiring.

I often work with project managers and other teams, such as front-end, design, and application teams, to promote measures, so I often consider the most appropriate back-end team member assignments.

I am also developing and doing people management work at the same time, so although I am busy, I am fulfilled every day.

How did you come to know about Jicoo?

As the weight of our recruiting work increased, the communication of bookings was becoming burdensome.

At first, we were introduced to another tool by our human resources manager, and that is how we came to know about the Jicoo book.

I had been feeling that it was time-consuming to spend time on the book itself, so I thought this seemed like a convenient way to do it.

So you switched to Jicoo in the middle of the process?

I was satisfied with the efficiency of my previous book.

However, I became a little dissatisfied with the notifications when we started using it for our business. If we only received email notifications when dates were confirmed, we would inevitably miss some of them.

When I learned that Jicoo could be integrated with Slack, I found it very attractive. I thought it would be more convenient if I could check the schedule with Slack, a communication tool I use regularly.

Besides that, I also had the impression that Jicoo seemed to have a lot of features, such as Zoom integration and changing the cover image.

So Jicoo has made us even more efficient!

Before we used a scheduling tool, we had to make a tentative schedule, present it to the applicants, and then rearrange it, which involved many rounds of back and forth communication.

The introduction of the scheduling tool has greatly improved the efficiency of the time spent on scheduling.

Jicoo can be integrated with Slack, a tool we use on a daily basis, so we were able to further improve the convenience and efficiency of the system.

Compared to before we started using Jicoo, I think we have reduced the burden of our book coordination work by 90%.

We are also able to easily share schedules related to hiring with our team because we can notify channels in Slack.

You mentioned that you mainly use it for recruiting, can you tell us more about it?

We currently use multiple recruitment media and set up interviews and casual interviews according to their characteristics.

Our backend team has been focusing more on recruiting, so we have more opportunities for scouting and other approaches than before.

Jicoo is being used as part of the scouting process.

How many books do you book per month?

I think we book close to 30 contacts a month.

This is partly due to the fact that we use media such as scouting, which is a strong approach to recruiting, but I think we are spending more time on recruiting than before.

With Jicoo, all you have to do is paste the URL in the scout message to complete the bookings, so it is easy to set up casual interviews and the like.

Before using Jicoo, it must have been difficult to book a meeting.

Yes, it was.

In the past, we had to ask applicants to submit three or so possible dates after they contacted us with their applications, or we would submit our own candidates.

Also, after the dates were confirmed, we would have to give them the URL to Google Meet.

At that time, it was not a scout-type approach, so it was established, but I think it was difficult to contact as many people as we do now.

Does this mean that you are able to maximize your approach to recruiting?

Yes, without Jicoo, I think the burden of bookings would have been a bottleneck.

We have other duties besides recruiting, so we can't be constantly checking on applicants.

Now that we are able to leave the bookkeeping to JIcoo, I think we are able to approach the hiring process in a more effective manner.

How is the response from applicants?

Most of the applicants are in their 20s and 30s, but they all feel comfortable booking a date with us.

Given the casual nature of the interviews, I think it is easy for the applicants to schedule the interviews right away.

It is very easy for both parties to work together without having to worry about the exchange of books as was the case in the past.

Is there anything you are trying to do when using Jicoo?

I try to maintain Google Calendar properly.

I try to schedule meetings, of course, but I also try to schedule ahead of time when I don't want to schedule meetings.

Jicoo automatically registers my appointments, so I try to schedule my calendar so that I don't have appointments at times I don't intend.

Are there any other functions you use?

I try to leave some space between appointments because I don't want all of my free time to be filled up with recruiting appointments.

With Jicoo, you can set the time interval before and after the appointment, so I try to leave 15 minutes between appointments.

I also use Jicoo's feature to block out holidays except Saturdays and Sundays, and Manage Availability to prevent last minute appointments from suddenly coming in.

Is there anything you would like to improve in the future?

Interviews for hiring, etc. are conducted by a two-person team.

We try to have two people attend the interviews, but actually I am the only one who uses Jicoo.

I know that using Jicoo's team function, we can book the interviews with two people, but I haven't gotten around to it yet, lol.

Using Jicoo as a team would be the next step. *Scheduling books for multiple people is a feature of the Startup plan and above.

Are there any features you particularly like about Jicoo?

As I mentioned earlier, it will be the notification feature in Slack.

We receive more emails than we can possibly see, so it is really nice to be able to check them in Slack.

I can send notifications to specific channels so I can easily share them with my team.

Who would you recommend Jicoo to?

It would be someone who is in the recruiting business.

Recruitment itself takes up a lot of your time, and you probably don't want to spend a lot of time on bookings.

Jicoo can help streamline the book and will certainly reduce the burden of the recruiting process.

If I may say so, I would like to see Jicoo have the ability to coordinate book notifications with other departments such as HR, which would reduce the workload for me even more.

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