Automated follow-up call bookings for the car leasing business, which now has over 100,000 customers!

Nile Corporation is a marketing DX and automotive industry DX business, with its main focus on the fast-growing car leasing business. In this context, Jicoo has been implemented to effectively conduct follow-up calls, improve customer understanding and satisfaction, and enhance service onboarding. Jicoo's flexibility in customization and the convenience of book scheduling are also noteworthy, and the company has successfully implemented Jicoo on a scale of nearly 50 people. Jicoo is recommended for companies that want to automate new measures and focus on essential tasks, or for companies that have a large number of meetings.

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Nile Inc.
Nile Inc. Customer Success Unit  Supervisor Mr. Shun Hattori
Nile Inc.
Celebrating its 15th anniversary since its founding, Nile Co. and is developing its Marketing DX and Automotive Industry DX businesses under the mission of "Bringing Happiness to Future Generations.
Customer Success

Book follow-up calls for growing car leasing business

One of the challenges that supported Nile Corporation's rapid growth was the scheduling of follow-up calls for its car leasing business. With the rapid increase in the number of applicants, the company needed to provide appropriate service to its customers.

Improve efficiency of follow-up calls and customer service

Nile Corporation addressed the challenge by implementing Jicoo to automate the scheduling of follow-up calls, and Jicoo's flexibility for BtoC enabled the company to improve customer service and efficiency.

Increase follow-up call booking rates and customer satisfaction

The implementation of Jicoo increased the follow-up call booking rate and customer satisfaction. It also improved customer satisfaction with Flat Rate CarmoKun, leading to enhanced onboarding. even with a large implementation of nearly 50 people, the implementation went smoothly.

Customer Interview

Could you first tell us about Nile's business?

The company consists of two major businesses. Marketing DX business and Automotive Industry DX business.

Since its inception, Nile has grown primarily in the digital marketing business, but in 2018 we entered the automotive industry and launched "Otoku ni My Car Flat Rate Karmo-kun" as a subscription service within that business.

Currently, major car manufacturers are also engaged in the car leasing business, but Nile began offering the service about a year before the major players entered the market.

The company is experiencing rapid growth in the form of over 100,000 applicants by March 2022.

Could you tell us about Teigaku Karmo-kun?

Otoku ni My Car: Flat-rate Calmo-kun is a car lease service that allows customers to purchase a new or used car for as little as 10,000 yen per month, including taxes and liability insurance, with no down payment or bonus payment.

The service is online where you can sign up for a car and have the car delivered to your home without ever leaving your house.

Please tell us about your job description, Hattori-san.

As a supervisor of the Customer Success Unit, I am engaged in customer service and measures to improve customer satisfaction.

I am also responsible for assigning tasks to team members and managing them.

Can you tell us how Jicoo was introduced?

We decided to call our clients to explain our services as an onboarding service for those who have signed a contract with us under the name of "follow-up call.

We needed to arrange appointments so that we could contact them at their convenience, and Jicoo was one of the tools that we compared to other tools for scheduling.

You mean you were comparing it to other tools?

We were considering implementing a scheduling tool for our follow-up calls.

In comparing 5-6 tools, many of them were for BtoB, but we decided to select Jicoo because it could be used for BtoC as well.

Thank you. What exactly do you mean by "for BtoC"?

For a B-to-B tool, it would be good if it could book as a function, but for a B-to-C tool, it is important to show it as part of the "Flat-rate Calmo-kun" service since it will be used by general customers.

Jicoo allows for flexible customization of the booking page, so I thought it would be possible to achieve a design that is in line with our service.

We also find it attractive because it has a wealth of ancillary features, such as Slack notifications.

How are you currently using Jicoo?

After we receive your contract, we send you an e-mail with necessary information such as vehicle preparation, and in the e-mail we include the URL of the Jicoo booking page.

We are offering follow-up calls at a very early stage after you have signed up for our service.

The slot is 30 minutes, with the first 15 minutes for explanation and the remaining 15 minutes for Q&A.

How is the response from customers?

We have been considering this service since April and have been conducting a trial since June, and more than half of the customers to whom we have sent e-mails have booked follow-up calls.

Since it was right after they signed up for our service, we think they are quite interested in the service.

What do you think of the effectiveness of the service?

Quantitative data will be available in the future, but we feel that the level of understanding and satisfaction with our services has improved.

Until now, there was no point of contact with customers at a certain point after signing a contract, but now we are able to conduct solid onboarding.

This is also the purpose of customer success, and we want to give the impression of a solid service through follow-up and onboarding.

How many people did you introduce the service this time?

We are implementing the service for nearly 50 people. It is a cross-functional implementation of the Customer Success and Sales units.

Are there any challenges or innovations you are working on as you implement on a large scale?

As a follow-up call, it is a new measure, so we are having to adjust our existing work and workload.

One of the challenges we faced in implementing Jicoo was the need to prepare explanatory materials for our own policies, including how Jicoo's settings would look from the customer's point of view.

We had a hard time preparing the explanatory materials, but I think we were able to implement the system smoothly with few questions from the parties involved.

Is there anything you find particularly useful about Jicoo?

The ability to change the schedule or cancel a reservation on the customer's side.

The link at the bottom of the email allows the change to be made, and since the change is made in conjunction with Google Calendar, there is no need for us to respond to the change.

Finally, can you tell us who you would recommend it to?

We were able to focus on the essential details of the discussion on the premise of automating the adjustment work when implementing new measures, so I would recommend it to those who are planning to implement measures targeting customers in the future.

I also think it is suitable for companies that conduct a lot of seminars or have a lot of BtoB meetings.

I would also like to recommend the use of the system for other types of jobs that require time-consuming coordination with external parties, such as human resource recruitment and customer support.

Personally, I wish I had known about Jicoo when I was working at my previous company, so I could have used it more.

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