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Mirai Seminar aims to provide education that stimulates children's interest and develops their spirit of inquiry and creativity through the Mirai Seminar (Mirai Seminar), a completely online small-group tutoring school. Based on the OECD Learning Compass, a state-of-the-art educational framework, the classes are small, with no more than six students per class, and are conducted in "exciting classes" that incorporate game elements and "inquiry learning" in which students work together to learn from each other. By freely sharing opinions on a variety of topics and engaging in discussions to solve problems, we aim to nurture the ability to think independently, cooperate, and confront problems for which there are no answers. The school also features extensive support for parents and guardians, with monthly individual interviews and careful follow-up in accordance with children's progress. The completely online class system eliminates the burden of commuting to the school and has the advantage of allowing participation with children from all over Japan. Jicoo was introduced to automate the scheduling process for new school openings. Utilizing the Startup Challenge Program, Jicoo was able to automate complex booking management. We were able to greatly improve operational efficiency.

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Mirai Human Resources Seminar, LLC
Mirai Human Resources Seminar, LLC Representative Mr. Hironobu Oyori
Mirai Human Resources Seminar, LLC
Online tutoring school specializing in inquiry-based learning for elementary school students
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Personnel needed to coordinate


Time and effort to coordinate schedules

Busy operations and inefficient booking management

Hironobu Oyori, who runs an online small-group exploratory cram school, felt challenged by the enormous amount of work involved in conducting trial classes, creating class curricula, and responding to parents in preparation for the school's opening. In particular, the management of bookings for trial classes and individual interviews was a major issue, and he felt that it was inefficient to spend time communicating with each student individually by e-mail, and to issue the meeting URL for the online tool every time a meeting was held. The company was also aware of the problem that individual responses to cancellations would strain business operations. Under these circumstances, there was an urgent need to streamline operations and improve booking management.

Utilize the Startup Challenge Program

To solve these issues, Mr. Oyori considered various booking management tools and decided to use Jicoo. Jicoo offers many useful features, including the ability to create booking pages, Zoom integration, and email reminders. Mr. Oyori implemented Jicoo at the same time he established his company in September 2023, and built his workflow around the Jicoo premise. He uses Jicoo's links in various situations, such as campaigns for the opening of the school, consultations for enrollment, and trial classes.

Foundational tools for franchise development

The introduction of Jicoo has greatly improved Mr. Oyori's work. With booking management and coordination centralized in Jicoo, he is able to concentrate on his core business without having to deal with complicated tasks. In addition, calendar linkage, Zoom linkage, reminder emails, and other functions have greatly improved operational efficiency. Although one person would normally be needed to coordinate the increased number of meetings, with Jicoo, the time and effort is the same. Without Jicoo, the business itself would not have been possible, according to Mr. Oyori. Jicoo has become an important tool in the foundation of the company's future plans to expand into franchising.

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