Sales scheduling tool is now available as a domestic service, with Google Analytics measurement to further improve the customer experience!

With the mission of "creating the foundation for sales activities," Mer Inc. supports the streamlining, automation, and visualization of sales operations. Mer is the only master partner of Pipedrive, a CRM platform, in Japan; LeadPool, an AI lead database created by integrating open data with AI; and diver, which builds and provides optimal workflows for easy operation by selecting, designing, and building automation of SaaS. We are engaged in the following three businesses. We switched from an overseas tool that we had been using to book with our clients to Jicoo, which is easy to use and improves the customer experience.

Jicoo, a free schedule automation tool for teams
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Mer Corporation 
Mer Corporation  Representative Director and CEO Mr. Tomoaki Sawaguchi
Mer Corporation 
Provision and support of AI lead database "LeadPool", Cloud Sales Ops "diver", CRM platform "Pipedrive

Book by Jicoo

1.6 million

Number of operations being automated


Personnel costs required to book

Unintended English language display becomes a bottleneck in customer experience

The company had been using an overseas-made book coordination tool for some time, but because the UI was in English, the English display sometimes appeared unintentionally, and there were issues with the experience for the customers with whom they were coordinating. Since sales activities are mainly conducted online, the company is considering measures to improve the customer experience by regularly reviewing each and every contact with the customer. In search of a better customer experience, the company reviewed its tools, and Jicoo was introduced as a book coordination tool with the features the company was looking for.

Japanese language support and automation of the flow leading to business negotiations

The introduction of Jicoo has made it possible to support the entire flow of the bookings process in Japanese. By placing a link on the inquiry form's completion page, the booking of a meeting can be completed seamlessly. Once booking is complete, a contact person is automatically assigned to the client, and Jicoo is used to automate the entire flow leading up to the business meeting. In addition, Google Analytics can be used to measure the effectiveness of the system and to aggregate the inflow of visitors. Jicoo's functionality and UI/UX are excellent. Jicoo has great features and UI/UX, and the ability for guests to log in and see their own appointments was also a key factor."

Effective use of time for productive work

From the company's perspective, which handles everything from SaaS selection and design to building automation, Jicoo was an attractive tool. Through Jicoo, the company coordinates 150 meetings per month. Mer Inc. automates 1.5 to 1.6 million operations through 30 different SaaS products, and Jicoo automates the operations related to book coordination. By using SaaS, Jicoo is able to reduce labor costs by a factor of 10, which is equivalent to 1 million yen. The time saved by streamlining operations can be used to spend more time with customers. As a small organization, it is very meaningful for us to be able to spend our time on productive work," said Sawaguchi. We plan to continue to use Jicoo as an efficient and stable book platform for our company's growth.

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