Quadrupled the number of inside sales prospect approaches to meet goals

JX Communications Inc. is a tech venture specializing in data intelligence, providing SNS-specific AI tools and other services. Jicoo was implemented to review operations with the aim of improving business efficiency; Jicoo was chosen because of its Japanese-language support and smooth integration with Zoom and other applications. As a result, the number of monthly approaches and the volume of emails sent increased fourfold and sevenfold, respectively, and operational efficiency was greatly improved.

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JX PRESS Corp. Inside Sales Team, Marketing and Sales Department  Mr. Taro Miyagawa
JX News Agency is a tech venture company working in the data intelligence domain, providing services such as "FASTALERT for Marketing," an AI social listening tool specialized for SNS, "NewsDigest," a social breaking news application with strong "breaking news," and automated telephone sentiment NewsDigest," a social breaking news application with strong "breaking news" capabilities, and automated telephone sentiment surveys.

Operations in Inside Sales

JX News Agency needed to review its operations in order to achieve target figures in the FASTALERT approach, which was introduced as an inside sales approach. In particular, there were issues related to the burden and efficiency of bookings.

Improving Operational Efficiency by Introducing Jicoo

We decided that we needed to implement a book scheduling tool to improve our operations, and selected Jicoo. Jicoo is a Japanese-language product with smooth Zoom integration, which made it possible to smoothly implement the book.

Improved operational efficiency and expanded number of approaches

The introduction of Jicoo has greatly improved operational efficiency. The number of monthly approaches has increased four-fold, and the volume of e-mail sent has expanded seven-fold. In addition, the risk of double-booking has been eliminated and the assignment of contact persons has been automated, creating an environment in which they can focus on their work. In addition, the integration with Zoom and Slack has reduced communication costs and realized a smooth workflow.

Customer Interview

Can you tell us how you came to implement Jicoo?

I joined the company in July this year as an inside sales person, and I am approaching prospective clients with the mission of introducing "FASTALERT" to them.

One of the challenges I felt after joining the company was the need to first review our operations in order to achieve figures that would greatly exceed our previous goals.

I thought that introducing a scheduling tool was necessary to improve operations, so I selected a tool and made a proposal to the company.

I had used a scheduling tool in my previous job, so I proceeded with the selection process while keeping in mind the issues I had encountered at that time.

What were the advantages of using Jicoo as a date adjustment tool?

The scheduling book we used at our previous job was made overseas, but because the language was English, we could not get the support we needed, and we had to solve the problem by ourselves.

In addition, the only way to link with the application was to use another tool, which was a very high hurdle to overcome in order to achieve the desired state.

In this respect, Jicoo met our requirements because it is a Japanese-language product and Zoom integration can be done smoothly.

Did you compare other tools before making your decision?

We selected Jicoo after comparing it with tools made overseas and Japanese tools that we had used in our previous job.

Our selection criteria were that it should be easy to understand and as hassle-free to implement as possible in order to fulfill our mission.

We had some knowledge of Jicoo from our previous research, but we were able to confirm once again that it could be used for our online business meetings.

Please tell us about the situation before you reviewed your workflow.

The main method of approaching prospective customers is by making phone calls, but before, we used to have phone conversations and then exchange potential dates in the body of e-mails.

I used to write out dates and book schedules in emails, but the email response rate was low for the time and effort involved.

So, book scheduling with Jicoo has solved the problem!

By using Jicoo, the load that had previously been placed on schedule coordination was eliminated. Also, the psychological relief of being able to fix the schedule with a tool is very significant.

For some clients, Jicoo can now coordinate on their behalf while talking on the phone.

This environment allows us to concentrate on our work since we don't have to worry about double-booking.

What specific benefits have you seen?

We used to make calls to 1,000 lists per month, but after introducing Jicoo, we are now able to approach 4,000 lists.

Also, we used to send about 80 e-mails after making a call, but now we can send 600 e-mails by using e-mail templates.

In terms of the number of approaches, the number of approaches has quadrupled, and in terms of e-mails, the volume has increased sevenfold, but the workload is the same as before, so we can say that this is a considerable improvement in work efficiency.

Improving the quality of approaches by streamlining the process with the application linkage and automatic assignment of personnel.

What features do you find particularly useful?

Zoom integration and Slack integration.

Until then, Zoom's flow was to request and issue URLs when bookings occurred in order to prevent accidents. Therefore, if it took a long time to issue the URL, there was a problem of not being able to change the status in Salesforce, lol.

With Jicoo, Zoom URLs are issued automatically, so communication costs have been drastically reduced.

In addition, emails were inevitably getting buried and I had to check them, but the notifications via Slack integration eliminated the stress.

Are there any other functions you are using?

We are using the function of automatic assignment of staff members.

It allows us to automatically assign one person from three to four people to be in charge, which saves us time in assigning people and speeds up our response time.

How are you using the time made more efficient by Jicoo's functions?

As I mentioned earlier, we are now able to spend more time on the phone approach.

We have a set amount of time to respond to each call, but now we can do preliminary research on prospective clients within that time, which has improved the quality of our approaches.

By using Jicoo, we are able to use templates for book emails, which allows us to spend more time on quality.

Jicoo is simple, easy to use, and can also be used for recruiting.

Who do you think Jicoo is suitable for?

I would especially recommend Jicoo to those who are not good at English or IT tools.

I used to use an overseas-made book scheduling tool, but when a problem occurred, I had to figure out why it happened and what to do about it by myself.

With Jicoo, I had to learn how to connect calendars, etc., which was time-consuming and a waste of valuable time for a small team that was new to IT.

Jicoo is a simple, easy-to-use tool, so we didn't have that concern.

Are there any industries or types of jobs you think Jicoo is suited for?

I think it is easy to use in recruitment.

I think it can be used when assigning multiple members for scrum hiring or for casual interviews.

With Jicoo, all you need to do is to link the calendar and add the member to the list and you are ready to go.

As a side note, I myself am currently assigned to a recruiting position and conducting interviews, but I have not yet used Jicoo on the HR side, so I will recommend Jicoo to them next time.

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