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Heurithm Corporation. aims to solve essential issues by combining logic and intuition. In today's increasingly diverse society, we take an intuitive approach to issues that cannot be solved by mere logic alone, and our experts contribute to society and people by using their deep knowledge and experience to resolve uncomfortable and unresolved issues. We are currently developing “opusr,” a business focused primarily on creators, to realize the best matching of creators and companies, and to provide an environment that creates new value in Japan. Jicoo has been able to automate the book process and improve operational efficiency during the start-up phase of the company's multitasking. Translated with (free version)

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Heurithm Corporation Director and COO Mr. Shingo Moroishi
Heurithm Corporation
Operation of opusr, a business matching service for companies and creators

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Inefficiencies and accumulated stress in coordinating business negotiations

During the start-up phase of its service, Heurithm Corporation. had to coordinate numerous business meetings, and manual bookings were reducing time efficiency. There was a lot of manual labor involved in checking calendars, entering text, and coordinating with other projects at the same time. In addition, book coordination caused stress when dealing with multiple business meetings, depth interviews, and other different tasks. This was preventing the efficient execution of work and hampering the promotion of the business.

Efficient business meeting schedule management with Jicoo

Jicoo has made all of our scheduling efforts much more efficient, and has significantly reduced the amount of time we spend on manual bookings, allowing us to spend more time on business meetings, depth interviews, and other tasks. Shingo Moroishi, COO of Heurithm, Inc. said, “Jicoo was intuitive and easy to use. Jicoo is very intuitive to use, so it was a smooth introduction,” said Shingo Moroishi, COO of Hurism Corporation. We have been able to improve our time efficiency in the face of an increasing number of business meetings.” Jicoo's unique workflow through Jicoo has greatly automated the process.

Improved operational efficiency and results with the introduction of Jicoo

The introduction of Jicoo has improved the coordination process, reducing the time required for book coordination by more than 50% and significantly reducing man-hours. In addition, 100% of the bookings are now made through Jicoo, reducing stress and strengthening the promotion of the business. Jicoo allows us to hold meetings in the spare time of about 30 minutes, which would not be a candidate if we had to do it manually. Jicoo has supported us in the core activities necessary for the start-up phase of our service” (Mr. Moroishi). We will continue to use Jicoo to promote a wide range of operations including management, sales, marketing, customer support, UX research, product management, and public relations.

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