Business meetings are twice as long as before the Corona disaster, but still provide the time needed to run the business.

Ecrowd Inc. operates a crowdfunding platform that enables investment in unlisted ventures. The introduction of Jicoo, a schedule adjustment tool, has streamlined the scheduling of business meetings, enabling twice as many business meetings as before Corona. It has also contributed to securing strategic time as a manager.

Jicoo, a free schedule automation tool for teams
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Ecrowd  Inc.
e-crowd Corporation Representative Director  Mr. Naohiko Hatae
Ecrowd Inc.
Operates e-crowd, an equity investment crowdfunding platform that allows investors to invest in unlisted venture companies via the Internet.
Financial Service

Increasing number of bookings

E-Cloud had many business meetings and discussions with venture companies, which complicated the coordination of travel time and individual schedules.

Book through the dedicated page

The introduction of Jicoo made it possible to efficiently book appointments without worrying about travel time and location restrictions. In addition, communication through a dedicated page and flexible settings for each schedule format contributed to improved work efficiency.

Securing time as a manager

With Jicoo, the company has improved its operational efficiency and freed itself from travel time and coordination work, even while coordinating more than 50 books per month. I now have more time for decision-making and strategic time as a manager.

Customer Interview

Could you please tell us what you do, Mr. Hatae?

I founded the company in July 2018 and look after the overall management of the company.

In relation to Jicoo, my main time is spent in daily business meetings and discussions with venture company managers who are in need of funding to utilize "e-cloud".

What kind of companies do you talk to?

We have many business meetings with seed and early-stage venture companies, specifically those that have been in business for less than 10 years, that are in need of funding.

How did you start using Jicoo?

I had never used a book before, and I started using Jicoo last year, mainly for online meetings, partly due to Corona's influence.

I no longer have to take into account location and travel time, so I can use the Jicoo book to quickly make adjustments, and I started actively using it.

Jicoo has replaced my secretary, and it has doubled the number of business meetings I can book.

What do you like about Jicoo?

Jicoo allows us to create a dedicated page for each schedule format, and to communicate with each other through comments on the page.

It is important for us not to be rude to the venture company managers with whom we are coordinating.

Since I am truly a CEO sales representative, I pay special attention to this point lol.

How many books do you book per month?

Since we are always meeting with new people, we are constantly adjusting our books on a daily basis. In terms of the number of cases, I think we coordinate more than 50 per month.

As I mentioned earlier, since we no longer have to take travel time into consideration, we have about twice as many meetings as we did before Corona.

So Jicoo is contributing to that book.

Before, we had to check Google Calendar, set aside two to three hours for meetings, taking travel time into account, confirm this information with the other party, and confirm the schedule.

Jicoo has not only improved my work efficiency, but it has also reduced my psychological stress a lot because I don't have to misplace or forget to put things in the right places.

I meet new people all the time, and since I am dealing with business executives, Jicoo has truly taken the place of my secretary.

(In fact, Ms. Hatae's booking page refers to Jicoo as "a tool that acts as my secretary.)

Can you tell us how you are using Jicoo?

We have templates for 60-minute, 45-minute, and 30-minute booking pages, and we use them differently depending on the content.

For example, 30 minutes if the main purpose is to listen, 60 minutes if a discussion is required, and so on.

We also have templates for business matching services and templates for recruitment.

I've shared the recruitment template with HR and they use it in their book, including me.

I see you have a variety of templates.

I have Jicoo registered in my bookmark bar under the name "Adjustments" for easy use on a regular basis.

This is so that I can quickly copy and adjust it whenever I need to.

I personally offer Jicoo a pretty good spot on my bookmarks bar lol.

Thanks for that lol. how do you use the time you are able to streamline with Jicoo?

I can now use it for thinking time as a manager. Then there is the time to make decisions.

Coordination work is not productive, so being able to set aside time that I should be using as a manager is very significant.

In that sense, Jicoo, who differentiates my time, is almost like a secretary, not a substitute for a secretary, but a secretary to me lol.

Thank you for appreciating me that much lol. By the way, do you have any complaints?

I guess I am not keeping up with too many feature updates.

I have just learned that the company name field can now be made mandatory. (*Editor's note: You can now choose whether the company name field is optional or required.)

(*Editor's note: The company name in the entry field is now optional and required. I see.

I guess I'm not satisfied that I haven't caught up on all the details and major feature updates.

Can you tell us who you would recommend it to?

I would recommend it to anyone who takes a lot of time to book.

Also, if you think about it as a company, I think it would be effective for members and departments that spend a lot of time on book coordination, because it can be structured.

Coordination is not a productive task, and if online meetings are increasing, I think it can be made much more efficient.

In that sense, it's like saying, "You're still booking dates? Why don't you just send me a link?", I feel like copying someone else's way of saying that lol.

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