Inside Sales overwhelmingly streamlines 500 new approaches per month

AnyWhere Inc. is a company that provides TeamPlace, a platform for connecting with people, and with the introduction of Jicoo, the company has achieved greater efficiency in external approaches and smoother internal schedule coordination with its simple UI and Japanese language support. This has achieved increased sales efficiency and smoother communication, and has contributed to increased awareness of TeamPlace.

Jicoo, a free schedule automation tool for teams
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AnyWhere Inc.
AnyWhere Inc. Incubation Manager, Marketing Department  Mr. Shinjin Yoshii
AnyWhere Inc.
The company operates "TeamPlace," a workplace platform that connects people, provides corporate new business support and system development, and offers space-related IT and system consulting services.
Professional Service

Complexity of bookings

There was a need to make new approaches externally to acquire workplaces. In addition, the internal team had multiple nationalities, which made book coordination complicated and inefficient. When selecting a tool, the bottleneck was the fact that tools made overseas were complicated to set up and were available in English.

Simple UI/UX in Japanese

By implementing Jicoo, complicated bookings are eliminated by utilizing the simple UI/UX in Japanese. Efficient communication within and outside the team is realized.

Improved efficiency and increased number of appointments

With the introduction of Jicoo, the team's productivity improved as a result of more efficient bookings. In sales activities, Jicoo has increased the number of appointments made per month to nearly 100, improving sales efficiency.

Customer Interview

How did you first introduce Jicoo?

I had started using Jicoo for my business when a client sent me a URL link to an overseas-made book scheduling tool.

Until then, I was only aware of the fact that I had used such a book for private appointments and the like.

We decided to compare and contrast tools for our company, including Jicoo, to see if we could use the book as a new approach to the outside world.

What did you like about Jicoo?

We felt that tools made overseas were bottlenecked by complicated settings and the fact that the language is English.

Jicoo's simple UI/UX and the fact that you can book right away in the settings are very appealing. We also decided on Jicoo because we felt that our team members and clients would feel comfortable using a tool that was written in Japanese.

How was your experience with Jicoo?

The main reason for using Jicoo was to approach external parties, but we also use it for internal bookings as a team.

Anywhere is a team made up of members from various backgrounds. Because of the disparate schedules of the individual members, it was difficult to even set up regular meetings.

By using Jicoo, we were able to set up one-on-one meetings with members as soon as today or tomorrow.

Since there is no psychological hurdle to book a date, we can book a date right away, and the back-and-forth within the company regarding the date has been reduced considerably.

Could you tell us about your mission, Mr. Yoshii?

We launched a service called "TeamPlace," a workplace platform "connected by people," last year in 2020.

My mission is to raise awareness of TeamPlace.

Specifically, I am encouraging co-working space/share office operators to register their spaces on our website.

How many approaches do you make per month?

I am in a management position, but currently there are five of us who approach new clients through inquiry forms, messengers, and so on.

Specifically, the roles are divided between those in charge of making lists and those in charge of taking action on the approaches.

We are able to coordinate about 100 appointments, or 20%, of the approximately 500 or so approaches we receive each month.

That's an impressive number.

We have a dedicated Jicoo book page for each member. We include the Jicoo URL in the approach text so that clients can schedule their appointments.

It is no exaggeration to say that Jicoo has helped us to make two or three appointments while we are working on the approach for an hour lol.

What kind of clients do you have?

Most of our inquiries come from customers who are interested in TeamPlace.

Normally, we would have to go back and forth with the client to book a meeting after approaching them, but since Jicoo handles that part of the process, we are able to focus our resources on business negotiations with the client.

If we had used the conventional method of bookings by phone or e-mail, we would have had to spend a lot of time just going back and forth.

In that sense, I can't go back to those days.

Since this is the launch phase of TeamPlace, we are achieving our original goal of reaching as many customers as possible.

What are you offering your customers?

TeamPlace is a workplace platform that connects people. We provide information about the facility, its operators, and its residents, as well as the opportunity to create new collaborations by learning about their connections.

We explain the services and concept of TeamPlace to our clients and ask them to register after they have a good understanding of the service.

When we use Jicoo to book a date, it is very easy for us to explain TeamPlace because our clients have come to us with an interest in TeamPlace.

What have your team members said about Jicoo?

I have included the Jicoo URL in my text and prepared a statement of approach for our members.

The reaction from members who didn't know about the book was, "I didn't know such a tool existed.

They may not have understood the meaning until the first appointment was made lol.

I think there was a slight difference in temperature between the members who knew about the book and those who did not, in understanding the intent and acting on it.

How do you use the time you save by streamlining your book?

I decided to implement Jicoo for the purpose of increasing sales efficiency and shortening time. Of course, there is a cost involved, so I am also looking to see if I can get a return on my investment.

By using Jicoo, I am able to maximize appointments efficiently. Conversely, without Jicoo, it would take more time and the probability of making appointments would be lower.

So, as much as we have increased our sales efficiency, we are spending more and more time on making appointments.

How about in terms of cost-effectiveness?

For example, it costs thousands of yen to several tens of thousands of yen if you ask an appointment service to make appointments on your behalf.

Jicoo's cost is 1,320 yen per account, so I can say that we are efficiently making appointments even when considering the unit cost.

We have a budget for the purpose of increasing sales efficiency, but I can say that Jicoo is by far the most cost-effective in terms of the unit cost per appointment acquired.

So you can maximize your approach with Jicoo!

I'd like to spread the word that it's not simply a matter of making it easier to book lol.

I think it is a tool that can maximize your approach from a sales perspective, although of course reducing waste is part of it.

I want the world to know about this lol.

Mr. Yoshii, you are also utilizing Jicoo for another project.

I myself run a company called GLOCAL GUNSHI Inc. and support and help various people to start their own businesses.

There were days when I had 12 appointments a day, including Jicoo and other methods.

I can put more and more appointments where my schedule is open, so I found myself doing that.

I think I did about 3 days worth of work. It was fulfilling, though. lol.

It was a good opportunity for me to think about how I use my time.

Please tell us who you would recommend Jicoo to.

First of all, I think that people who are running a company by themselves or freelancers often want to save even the time for bookings.

Therefore, I think there is a great potential for such people to use Jicoo, as well as for companies to introduce Jicoo.

I also think it is a great match for those who want to make appointments in sales in the way we are utilizing the system.

I would like companies that want to increase the percentage of appointments they get when approaching new clients to consider using this system.

I think it is especially compatible with online meetings.

Any final comments?

Personally, I would not want to be without Jicoo.

I wish Jicoo would become so popular that more people would use it to book their meetings.

It would be great if we can collaborate with each other in TeamPlace, such as "event booking" on Jicoo and "bookings between facility operators and users".

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