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Active Inc. provides "BuzzCollege," where students can learn the latest information on Instagram, and Instagram consulting services under the mission "Toward an era where any individual can have 'influence'". The Instagram consulting service has grown so popular that the number of participants, ranging from people in their 20s to 50s, has exceeded 6,000. Jicoo was introduced to book individual consultations between supporters and students, which are increasing daily. Jicoo has enabled the company to reduce the number of late-night consultations to almost zero.

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Active Co.
Active Co. Public Relations Department  Mr. Daichi Sekine
Active Co.
Influencer marketing business, influencer brand building business, Instagram consulting, content production design, various sales support, creative production
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Number of bookings

3 hours/day

Time previously needed to adjust


Current adjustment time

A situation where we spend at least 3 hours a day just replying to the schedule.

The problem for Active, Inc. was the scheduling process, which took until late at night. The support schedule was being booked via LINE, and since we were doing 2,000 to 2,500 sessions per month, the line was being used up just for these sessions. We were spending more than three hours a day just replying to the schedule. We have a full-time coordinator, but he is always looking for available positions on Google Calendar, so he is not always available. Mr. Daichi Sekine, a member of the company's Public Relations Department, stated, "We were getting requests for dates on LINE. We were receiving 100 to 200 requests for dates on LINE. It was difficult to manage, so we were replying to them, but we didn't even know which ones we had replied to." Since we were exceeding the limits of what we could do manually, we started looking into tools and decided that Jicoo would be able to make this happen.

Jicoo link in the rich menu of LINE

Jicoo can automate one-on-one Zoom meetings and coordinate with about 3 students, both of which are possible with Jicoo. Another deciding factor was Jicoo's easy-to-read booking page design. The Jicoo link is included in the rich menu on the line, allowing students to make reservations immediately. In addition, the limit of accepting reservations is set per booking page. The number of times a booking can be accepted can be set according to the supporter's lifestyle, and we take advantage of this feature to work according to their convenience.

Automated 2,500 bookings

Active has successfully automated 2,500 bookings with Jicoo. Jicoo has helped us to improve the satisfaction level of our students because we can provide them with better support. (Mr. Sekine) With Jicoo, the LINE communication for bookings, which used to take up to three hours a day to reply to a LINE message, has been reduced to almost zero. Before Jicoo, we were overloaded with work until late at night, but now we are able to maintain our performance. Before Jicoo, I was often working late into the night on the book. After implementing Jicoo, we were able to go back to our original work, and we are now in a healthier state as an organization. (Mr. Sekine) We plan to continue using Jicoo to book our expanding business.

Customer Interview

Could you first tell us about your business?

Active Inc. provides services specialized in Instagram.

We provide our own media, "BuzzCollege", an analysis tool, "Instats", and consulting services to support how to use Instagram.

What are the consulting services?

We provide know-how for utilizing Instagram mainly to men and women in their 20s and 30s, including inexperienced and experienced users.

For those with no experience, we focus on how to grow Instagram from zero, and for students who already have an account, we provide operational support according to their issues, such as know-how on how to attract customers and how to get people to become fans.

How many students do you have?

The number of students has already exceeded 6,000.

We started offering the service in December 2022, and thanks to your support, the number of students is growing steadily.

One of the features of our consulting service is that we provide one-on-one support regarding Instagram.

As the number of students increases, it has become time consuming to book one-on-one support.

I understand that you felt the limitations of the manual process and considered a scheduling tool?

Yes, that's right.

We used to book support via LINE to communicate with students.

We were doing between 2,000 and 2,500 calls per month, so the line was getting clogged up just with that communication.

I was spending more than 3 hours a day just replying to the schedule.

So you must have had a tremendous number of exchanges!

We have a full-time coordinator, but she was constantly looking for availability on Google Calendar.

We have dozens of supporters, so we had to constantly search multiple calendars for availability.

It was not a one-person job, so the management team and I had to help out.

That's when you decided to introduce the tool.

We were beyond the limits of what we could do manually, so we started looking into tools.

I was looking for a tool that could both automate the one-on-one Zoom meetings and coordinate with about three students.

We found Jicoo at that time and decided to implement it because we thought Jicoo would be able to achieve this.

Another deciding factor was Jicoo's easy-to-read booking page design.

What are the effects of the introduction of Jicoo?

Until then, it used to take us 3 hours a day to reply to a LINE message, but now we have almost zero communication on LINE regarding bookings.

To be honest, before we introduced Jicoo, we were often working on the book until late at night.

After introducing Jicoo, we were able to go back to our original work, or rather, we became healthy as an organization.

Can you tell us about the compatibility with LINE?

I think LINE and JIcoo are a good match.

It is easy to put a link in the rich menu, and students can make bookings immediately.

Some people are unaware of this because notifications are sent by email, but if you include this information on the booking page or provide a separate notice, it will be accepted smoothly.

Did you receive any complaints before the introduction of the system?

We were receiving 100 to 200 requests for dates on line.

It was difficult to manage, so we replied to them, but we didn't even know to which person we had replied.

This was making our students feel uneasy, so by introducing Jicoo, we are able to provide more extensive support, which I think has led to an increase in student satisfaction.

Please tell us what you find particularly useful about Jicoo.

The ability to set limits on the number of bookings per booking page.

The first, second, and third booking pages are set up by frequency.

This setting is to allow contracted customers to make their first reservation on the same day, but to do so, it is necessary to set a limit on the booking page for the third and subsequent times and leave a slot for the third and subsequent times.

We also believe that this feature allows supporters to set the number of times they can accept bookings based on their lifestyle, so that even those who are raising children, for example, can work at their own convenience.

How do you make use of the reduced time?

As a supporter, I can now spend my time following Instagram trends and thinking about new services.

As I mentioned earlier, I was also helping the management team, but now I can use my time for management.

I have also returned to my original duties, but in general, I was overloaded with work until late at night, so I think the most important effect is that we are now in an environment where we can maintain our performance.

Finally, who would you recommend Jicoo to?

I recommend Jicoo for people who have many meetings with clients, such as for consulting.

Also, if you are aiming to expand your company's business, I think it is a good idea to introduce this service from the beginning.

I think it is a real waste of time to spend time on adjustment work, and our company is reflecting on the fact that we should have introduced this service earlier.

I think the price is not that high, and I think it is easy to introduce when needed.

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