Calendar Integration

Jicoo is a platform that integrates multiple calendars, including work and personal calendars, in real time for seamless scheduling and sharing.

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Calendar Integration

Calendar for Team

Select and display your own and team members' calendars to quickly check and create schedules.
Calendar for Team

Smooth-scrolling UI

You can intuitively view calendars using a scroll-based UI.

Multiple time zone

You can display time in multiple different time zones on a single calendar.
Multiple time zone


Easily view and manage a large number of schedules. Automatically handle merging and overlapping of identical schedules to provide a clean UI.

Customizable views

Customize according to your preferences, such as month view, number of days in a week, and the starting day of the week.
Customizable views


Display the total hours of daily schedules using a bar graph. Estimate your workload and review your progress.

Booking page connected to the form

Show real-time calendar availability
Real-time availability is shown by connecting to multiple calendars such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, etc. Reminder notifications and other booking management features are also supported.
Shows availability in real time. Design and text can be customized.
You can customize the input form when accepting bookings.
Customize and automate the timing and text of reminder notifications. Support for cancellations from both hosts and guests.
You can embed it in your website or your own services.
Booking Calendar
Reminder / Cancellation
Embedding in Websites

Support for all types of scheduling

Automated scheduling
Smart automation from 1-on-1 to intergroup bookings. Once you have set up the members, travel time buffers, etc., Jicoo will automate everything else.
This is a booking reception where the host and guest are required to attend one-on-one or all hosts. This can be used for sales or scheduling meetings for multiple interviewees for interviews or hiring interviews.
Booking with any one host. Automatic schedule creation based on the host's availability and settings, as well as automatic member assignment.
This type of room can be booked for multiple guests in one frame (time slot). This type is used for seminars and events. It can also be used in conjunction with automatic assignment of a person in charge.
The schedule voting feature solves scheduling coordination among multiple people and multiple teams through a voting mechanism.
1-on-1 / Group
Round Robin
Seminar and Event
Meeting Polls
Scheduling to fit both work and personal life
Schedules from multiple calendars with separate roles (e.g., for work and private use) can also be displayed together, making it possible to take all schedules into account when making appointments.
Scheduling to fit both work and personal life
Privacy is a consideration
You can select the extent to which appointments are made public to team members. If you do not want to share the details of the appointment, it will be displayed as "Appointment Available". You can also load your private calendar.
Privacy is a consideration
Business Use
Shift Management
Shift Management
Shift management can also be automated on Jicoo by connecting the schedule from an individual's calendar, allowing members to make bookings only when they are available.
Interaction with other systems
Interaction with other systems
If your booking system is already managed based on a calendar service such as Google Calendar, it can be migrated without any hassle.
Booking of resources and meeting rooms
Booking of resources and meeting rooms
By connecting to a calendar that manages meeting room bookings, it is possible to display only when a meeting room or projector is available.

Get started for free, then add your whole team.
Almost everything can be automated.
Once set up, everything can be automated, from booking to submitting assignments, generating zoom links, reminding, and linking to the calendar, so that seminars and consultations can be held without any action until the day of the event. It's like a dream.
Streamlining schedule management
Using Jicoo has helped me a lot because I used to spend half a day to manage my schedule. Until now, I have been using e-mail + calendar applications to manage my schedule. It has been very useful to be able to coordinate schedules with a large group of people very easily.
Superior functionality
Good tool for starting small Easy to adopt when starting with a small number of people, and has enough functionality and flexibility to scale.