#7 What is "simple" for engineers?

#7 What is "simple" for engineers?

Tue, Dec 5, 2023
Shinichiro Suzuki
Shinichiro Suzuki


In this seventh installment, CEO Suzuki asks CTO Kobayashi and Tech Lead Hori what "simplify" means for engineering. Simplify" is one of the values we place importance on at Jicoo. They talk about what simple code, design, and operations look like and what they do to keep it that way.


Shinichiro Suzuki

Representative Director, Jicoo Co.

Participated in launching multiple services at Yahoo! After starting his own startup business in social apps, he co-founded Space Market Inc. in January 2014. In December 2019, he was listed on TSE Mothers, and in April 2020, he founded Jicoo.

Haruhiko Kobayashi

CTO of Jicoo Inc.

Haruhiko Kobayashi is the CTO of Jicoo, Inc. and is responsible for the company's social services development, middleware development, and the development of the company's social services. (Ltd. in April 2020.

Kazuumi Hori

Tech Lead of Jicoo Inc.

After developing several mobile apps as an independent developer, he joined Space Market as an app engineer after working for a SIer and a web production company. After that, he worked for several startup companies before joining Jicoo. He is currently struggling to raise his child.

What we talked about

  • Self introduction
  • Back-end simplicity
  • Front-end simplicity
  • Know-how to maintain simplicity
  • Examples of simplicity becoming less and less simple, difficulties
  • Use of AI

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