Wed, Jan 10, 2024
New calendar design on the booking page

The calendar-style design of the reservation page has been revised to make it easier for users to view and make reservations. The previous calendar design can still be used by current users.

This improvement is available from the free plan.

New calendar design

The calendar design has been redesigned with a more sophisticated look, including a new way of displaying available booking slots. The calendar design is the same as that used by many business people, so it can be used for personal scheduling without any sense of discomfort.

Grouping of possible appointment times for easy understanding

Just like an e-mail exchange, a large group of adjustable dates is displayed, and you can select the final date and time within that group. This makes it easy to know the available dates and times at a glance, and reduces the time required to search for the most suitable time slot.

Improved CVR for bookings by displaying the time and date at the same time as the appointment.

When a guest connects to the calendar, the calendar appointments are displayed together on the calendar. This prevents no-shows due to double-booking of appointments and improves the image of the host by making it easier to select a slot that is easy to attend.