Google Calendar
On the appointment type screen, synchronize with the appointment in Google Calendar and display the availability. When an appointment comes in, it will be created in Google Calendar.
Synchronize with Microsoft Outlook appointments on the appointment type screen to view availability. When an appointment comes in, it will be created in Outlook.
When an appointment is entered, the Zoom meeting URL will be automatically issued and displayed in the appointment details. It will also automatically notify prospective participants.
Notification You will be able to select the channel to be linked on the schedule type edit screen. When an appointment is made, a notification will be sent to the specified channel. We will also change the schedule and remind you.
When you connect to Stripe, you can pre-pay by credit card at the same time as the reservation is made, allowing you to offer a paid service. You can also use Stripe's dashboard to check and analyze revenue data.
You can create a meeting URL for Microsoft Teams from the reservation details page.
Automatically reflect reservation form input information to Salesforce. Synchronize leads and create events.
Google Analytics
You will be able to measure the booking page and booking completion page with Google Analytics. Measurement can be started simply by setting a tag from the schedule type edit page. It can be used with functions higher than the Startup plan.

Easy Scheduling

Connect to multiple calendars and automate URL publishing for web conferences
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