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I want to select a date and time in the calendar to proceed with scheduling and making appointments.

Updated Thu, Mar 16, 2023

You can create a booking page for scheduling directly on the calendar.

This allows for smooth scheduling by making it easy for multiple team members to coordinate their schedules while checking the schedules of the other team members.

How to create

Access the one-off meeting from the dashboard.

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Select an empty space in the calendar schedule, select it, and proceed.

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Enter title, location and proceed.

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You can also set up other items from View All.

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Publishing a booking page is easy with 3 simple steps.

Create individual schedule adjustment pages

You can create a booking page for scheduling directly from the calendar.

Individual scheduling allows you to specify times more precisely than normal scheduling (booking page) or to make one-time scheduling.

*Individual schedule adjustment URLs will no longer be available once the schedule is confirmed.

This is a convenient feature that allows you to check the schedules of team members on the calendar and proceed with individual and team schedule adjustments while confirming available times.

You can check the appointment page under adjustment from the following link.

Image of creating a booking page (individual schedule adjustment)

Individual schedule adjustment URL issued (valid only once)

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It will be disabled once the dates have been arranged with the guest.

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Create appointments (personal appointments and appointments with members)

You can create and register personal and member appointments on the Jicoo calendar.

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Calendar integration allows for centralization of information with Google and other peripheral applications.