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What can I do on the appointment details page?

Updated Thu, Jul 28, 2022

Schedule details page

The appointment details page provides a seamless meeting experience by consolidating necessary functions such as "Messages," "Notes and Minutes," "Task Management," "Web Conference," and "Form Responses" into a single page.

By consolidating the functions necessary for meetings, you can work more efficiently. In addition, since communication with team members and guests can be completed via messages, Jicoo allows you to centralize communication that used to be done via e-mail, etc.

About the appointment details screen

A. Message

Messaging with team members and guests can be done on the appointment details page. Messages can also be sent by e-mail at the same time, and files can be attached.

B. Notes and Minutes

Meeting agendas and minutes can be edited in notes, allowing for real-time collaborative editing of documents while web conferencing is in progress.

C. Task Management

Action items can be entered and managed as tasks. From the task detail screen, you can set the members in charge and the subtasks to which they are attached.

D.Web conference URL issuance

When linked to Zoom, a Zoom meeting URL can be issued at any time with a single click. When issued, it will be posted to the message, and at the same time, an e-mail notification will be automatically sent to the participants that it has been issued.

Repeat Scheduled Form Responses

Appointments with "repeats" that are created from the calendar or routine screen have a feature called Form Responses on the appointment details page. This feature is useful for routine appointments such as morning meetings, regular meetings, etc. (click here for more information)