Task management is also available here.
It can also be integrated into workflows.



Visualize the entire scope of work done in a day.
It can also be integrated into workflows.

Main Functions

  • Task management in conjunction with workflow

    workflow integration

    Task management in conjunction with workflow

    Task input can be included in the workflow, so you can smoothly perform everything from input to management. In addition, tasks are shared within the project team, which is useful for understanding the entire project.

Other Features

  • Between members.

    Between members.
    Task Sharing

    Tasks can be shared among team members to help them understand their individual status.

  • By timeline

    By timeline
    Monitoring the progress of

    When a task is completed, it is posted to the timeline so that the progress can be shared with the team.

  • In the carry-over task

    In the carry-over task
    Preventing leaks

    Tasks that are not completed will automatically appear in the next day's entry field, preventing task omissions.

Function ListFunction

A variety of functions are available to help you work smoothly even when working remotely.

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