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Routine Workflow

Routine Workflow

Use the routine function to automate tasks such as routine checks that are done at every morning meeting or regular meeting.

Main Functions

  • Flexible repetition settings that can be set by month, week, day, or weekday

    Repeat Setting

    Flexible repetition settings that can be set by month, week, day, or weekday

    If there is a fixed schedule, such as a morning meeting held every Monday or a regular meeting held on the 15th of every month, it can be set up repeatedly.

Workflow Form

Unique workflow items and
Automatic step-by-step input form creation

  • Step

    How are you feeling today?

    • Return
    • Next.

    Smooth input in the form of questions.

  • Step

    What are you doing today?

    Questions & Prompts

    The text-based questionnaire is
    It allows for a flexible range of communication.

  • How are you feeling today?


    Expressions using emoji

    With status expressions using emoji
    Unique communication.

  • Idea generation

    Share idea

    Workflow module to make it easier to present your ideas

  • Kudos


    Set up a place for gratitude and Kudos presentation.
    To be a positive and rewarding team.

  • Task Sharing

    Share tasks

    It's linked to your tasks from the previous day.
    Daily tasks can also be entered smoothly.

  • Report & Web Conference


    Reports & Web Conferencing

    The results of the routine input are collected on a report page for the entire team to check. Web conferencing is also possible on the report page, making it a one-stop shop for checking and web conferencing in one place.

    • Retrospective
    • Idea.
    • Kudos
  • Automatic reminder

    Notification Automation

    Automatic reminder

    There will be reminders on slack and email to coincide with the time of routine events, which will help prevent you from missing them in case of emergency.

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