Web conferencing while viewing documents.
Real-time collaborative editing is also possible.

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes

Manage everything from meeting preparation to meeting minutes centrally with a notebook. Also, there is no need to issue a URL for Zoom.

Main Functions

  • Video cursor

    Video Collaboration

    Video cursor

    Cursors with video icons make meetings interactive and facilitate team working.

  • Real-time collaborative editing


    Real-time collaborative editing

    While viewing the notes, you can collaborate and edit them in real time. You can also create documents and share minutes on the spot, which is useful for teamwork and business efficiency.

  • Manage agendas in board view.

    Agenda View

    Manage agendas in board view.

    You can set the agenda of the notes visually and clearly. Sections and boards can be moved freely, and supplementary information that is useful for the meeting, such as the person in charge and estimated time, can be registered.

Other Features

  • Template creation

    Template creation
    function preselection capability

    Templates can be saved and used repeatedly to maintain meeting quality.

  • From the calendar

    From the calendar

    The notes are automatically created on the schedule you set in the calendar, so you can start meeting right away.

  • screen sharing

    screen sharing

    Share your screen while making a video call on the spot. Communication is smooth.

  • Remind function

    Remind function

    You can be reminded via email or slack. This can prevent inadvertent mistakes.

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