Share your personal schedule with your team.
You can also keep track of members' schedules.



You can share the schedule with everyone and know each member's schedule.
Of course, there is also a public setting so you can keep your private information private.

Main Functions

  • Integration


    Google Calendar
    Microsoft Office Collaboration

    You can view each calendar together in one place.
    When the schedule is adjusted, the available schedules are extracted, and the adjusted schedule can be registered automatically.

  • Share


    Sharing calendars within a team

    You can share your shared calendars with your team, so you can check all your team members' schedules at once.

Other Features

  • Automatic registration of adjusted schedule.

    Automatic registration of adjusted schedule.

    If you set up a calendar for the schedule adjustment, it will be registered automatically. No more forgetting to register, saving you time and effort.

  • Calendar.

    Public Settings

    You can choose to make each calendar public to your team. You can even load your private calendar.

  • In the calendar list

    In the calendar list
    switchover indication

    The schedule can be switched between calendar view and list view.

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